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Hits Radio

In the rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, the way people tune into radio is changing and we’re evolving with it.  

The Bauer Audio UK brand portfolio is evolving to meet changing audience needs.  

Covering diverse demographic profiles – We’re everywhere you need to be. 

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Hits Radio Portfolio
Hits Radio & Greatest Hits Radio combined
14.9 million total reach

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In the Hits and Greatest Hits Networks

Hits Radio Network 

8.1 million reach 

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In The Hits Network 

Greatest Hits Radio Network  

8.7 million reach 

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In The Greatest Hits Network 

The Story So Far…

From June 2018 to April 2023, Bauer Media Group expanded its UK radio operations. The transformation began in June 2018 with the relaunch of Key 103 as Hits Radio and the renaming of Bauer City Network to Hits Radio Network.

In January 2019, Bauer launched Greatest Hits Radio (GHR), rebranding several AM and FM stations. This expansion continued with the acquisition of Lincs FM, Celador Radio, UKRD, and Wireless local stations in February 2019.

The network gained further traction with Fleur East joining Hits Radio’s breakfast show in July 2019 and a significant representation of over 50 partner stations starting in June 2020. By September 2020, most acquired stations were rebranded as GHR.

High-profile additions like Simon Mayo in May 2021 and Ken Bruce in April 2023, along with an expansion strategy focusing on talent, marketing, and distribution launched in September 2021, underscored Bauer’s strategic enhancements to cater to diverse audiences.

The next steps for Hits Radio 

We’ve taken the latest step in our evolution with the rebranding of 16 Hits Radio Network stations across England and Wales, transitioning familiar names like Gem, Free Radio, Radio City, and Viking FM.  

Despite the rebrand, station names still maintain a connection to their respective regions, ensuring continuity and relevance. For instance, Metro Radio becomes Hits Radio North-East. Importantly, this transition doesn’t alter the essence of each station; presenter line-ups music and local news and information remain unchanged, preserving the familiarity and trust built with listeners over the years.  

To solidify the rebrand and amplify its impact, we’re investing significantly in marketing support, ensuring that existing and new audiences are aware of and engaged with these exciting changes. 

Why We’ve Taken These Steps  

The decision to rebrand local stations under the Hits Radio brand stems from a strategic vision to maintain and expand audiences within a strong, differentiated national brand with a clear identity.  

Consolidating under Hits Radio enables us to leverage a more impactful and easier-to-market platform nationally, as evidenced by the success seen with Greatest Hits Radio.  

By unifying under a single brand, we can capitalise on social and national PR efforts to amplify our reach and build awareness across regions.  

Additionally, uniting as Hits Radio allows us to organise and promote national branded events like Hits Radio Live, attracting top-tier artists to larger venues and enhancing the overall experience for listeners.  

What’s more, the Hits Radio brand enables us to attract the best on-air talent, fostering deeper connections with our audience and delivering content that resonates on a national scale. Ultimately, the rebranding initiative is driven by a commitment to deliver simplicity, scale, and impact, ensuring that Hits Radio remains at the forefront of the radio landscape. 

Developing The Hits Radio Brand

As the Hits brand expands across these additional radio stations, we recently undertook a thorough examination of consumer perceptions of the Hits Radio brand to fully understand how we are viewed and how well our brand strategy is connecting.  

Perceptions of Hits Radio’s Music 

Our music hits the sweet spot, resonating with the target audience, aged 30-39 years old, offering a vibrant mix that captures their interests and preferences. 

Unlike Heart, known for playing older tracks, our music selection strikes a perfect balance of current hits & throwbacks, appealing to our core audience while retaining broad appeal. 

We avoid the repetitive playlists often associated with Capital, ensuring our listeners enjoy a diverse and engaging music experience. 

While Radio 1 may lean towards newer and more experimental tracks, our curated selection strikes a harmonious balance, offering familiarity without sacrificing freshness. 

Our Content 

Our listeners have spoken, and the consensus is clear: they love our content for its upbeat and energetic vibe. What also appeals are the genuine conversation topics & the authentic approach we take.  

They appreciate the feel-good and humorous elements woven into our content, making every listen an enjoyable experience.  

With relatable topics and engaging banter, our content strikes a chord with our audience, offering an easy and effortless escape from the daily grind. 

Hits Radio Presenters 

Hits Radio presenters have won over our audience with their distinct qualities.  

Unlike some on other stations, they are not annoying; instead, they strike the right balance of enthusiasm and professionalism.  

They’re also not too young, as seen on other stations, which adds to their credibility and relatability. Listeners appreciate their life experience, down-to-earth demeanour, and humour, making them highly relatable figures who connect effortlessly with their audience. 

Our Strategy 

Our brand is built on the back of consumer insights. By understanding their needs, we have crafted a brand that resonates deeply with them, fostering deep connections between listener and station.

A core part of this strategy is maintaining a steadfast focus on local content. From much loved local breakfast shows, to highly valued local news and information, our brand delivers experiences that resonate locally whilst remaining true to the essence of Hits Radio. 

We will continue to build and evolve our brand through constant interaction with our target audience, ensuring that we remain relevant in an ever-changing media landscape. 

As we embark on the journey to evolve our brand, our strategy is intricately shaped by the invaluable insights gleaned from the perceptions of our listeners. By placing their preferences and feedback at the forefront of our efforts, we are committed to crafting a brand experience that resonates deeply with our audience and fosters genuine connection.  

Drawing from their perceptions we will maintain a steadfast focus on localised content, to deliver experiences that resonate on a regional level while staying true to the essence of Hits Radio.  

Through this listener-centric approach, we are poised to evolve the Hits Radio brand to new heights of success and relevance in the ever-changing media landscape. 

Why Advertise on Hits Radio: A Winning Strategy for Advertisers 

Hits Radio is not just a radio station; it is an authentic and trusted brand that resonates with audiences nationwide.  

With its connected national coverage, advertisers can reach a diverse and engaged audience at scale, leveraging the simplicity and strength of Hits Radio’s platform.  

In addition, Hits Radio’s commitment to investment in the future ensures that our advertisers are part of a dynamic and evolving media landscape.  

Join us on our journey and let’s grow together.  

We’re taking local radio to the next level, offering you the best commercial opportunities available. Deeper engagement with listeners and their communities, combined with national scale and local trust – Hits Radio offers you the best of both worlds.

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