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Radio Advertising in Buxton & Ashbourne

Advertise on Greatest Hits Radio across Derbyshire, covering Ashbourne and Buxton.

  • Greatest Hits Radio North Derbyshire reaches 125,000 adults, that’s 30% of the population*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio North Derbyshire reaches 112,000 main shoppers, that’s 31% of all main shoppers*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio North Derbyshire reaches 102,000 car owners, that’s 28% of all car owners*.
Source: RAJAR, Peak FM TSA, 12 Months PE Mar 20. 13 week audiences. Predicted Cumulative Reach.

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Advertising on Radio in Buxton & Ashbourne

We carefully choose, research and painstakingly craft the mix of music we play. We bring you the personalities that entertain, the contests that excite and the news stories that matter, to cultivate the most valuable audience for our customers.

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Nearly half of working adults are currently working from home, 56% of them are commercial radio listeners.

They’re receptive to combined radio & digital advertising. Over half of these listeners say that when they hear something advertised on the radio they will often look it up online.

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Source: Radiocentre Working Connecting

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North Derbyshire – Radio Advertising

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Radio advertising is efficient

For every £1 spent on radio advertising you get twice as much audience as any other advertising medium.

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Radio advertising is trusted

87% of people say that they trust radio making it the uk’s most trusted medium.

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Radio advertising is always on

Radio has the lowest level of ad avoidance of all media; 16% avoid radio ads v 68% avoid newspaper ads.

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Radio advertising is relevant

Adverts on the radio talk to the right people at the right time & place with targeted messages.

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Radio advertising is targeted

Radio is the number 1 platform for targeting and number 1 platform for cost per thousand audience.

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Radio advertising drives response

Radio has always been a strong “call-to-action” medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet.

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