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Radio Advertising in Harrogate & The Yorkshire Dales

Advertise on Greatest Hits Radio covering Harrogate & The Yorkshire Dales.

  • Greatest Hits Radio Harrogate & the Yorkshire Dales reaches 96,000 adults, that’s 46% of the population*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio Harrogate & the Yorkshire Dales reaches 88,000 main shoppers, that’s 47% of all main shoppers*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio Harrogate & the Yorkshire Dales reaches 94,000 car owners, that’s 48% of all car owners*.
Source: RAJAR, 97.2 Stray FM TSA, 12 Months PE Mar 20. 13 week audiences. Predicted Cumulative Reach.

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Is Your Business On the Road to Recovery?

Are you navigating the severe challenges COVID-has brought? Adapting to increases in online shopping & working at home habits?

Bauer Media can help plan your recovery route

Nearly half of working adults are currently working from home, 56% of them are commercial radio listeners.

They’re receptive to combined radio & digital advertising. Over half of these listeners say that when they hear something advertised on the radio they will often look it up online.

We can steer you along the right course

Reconnect with your customers for a fixed monthly payment

Bauer Media can help your Business Bounce Back with a programme of consistent advertising that supports your business plans all year long.

Our best value, combined radio and digital advertising solution is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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Source: Radiocentre Working Connecting

Advertising on Radio in Harrogate & The Yorkshire Dales

We carefully choose, research and painstakingly craft the mix of music we play. We bring you the personalities that entertain, the contests that excite and the news stories that matter, to cultivate the most valuable audience for our customers.

Radio is working from home too

So many of us are working from home now, and what are we doing more of whilst in our new home offices?

Answering the doorbell to our latest online delivery?
Stopping our cats and dogs from gatecrashing virtual meetings?

Actually, we’re all listening to the radio!

In fact, new research shows that 90% of work-from-homers are listening to radio whilst working.

To reach this new, huge, work from home audience with your advertising message, get Bauer radio working for you.

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Source: Ways Of Working - Radiocentre Study March 2021

The Need To Be Liked

94% of our listeners say a key factor in making a purchase decision is based on the integrity of the company - how honest they are.

Consumer trust in businesses is far more important now than it was before the pandemic.

Bauer Radio sponsored partnerships provide the power of association and the values of our well-liked & trusted brands, which can transfer to you!

50% of our listeners say they now have a closer relationship to their favourite radio station, compared to pre-lockdown.

Give your brand the thumbs up.
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Source: Bauers Insiders COVID #2 2021 & Bauer Insiders COVID #5

Radio is working online too 

New research shows that 90% of “work-from-homers" listen to the radio while they work.

Over half of these listeners, many in front of a laptop, say that when they hear something advertised on-air they will often look it up online.

That means they’re only a click away from visiting your website and seeing your offers and services in seconds!

Radio is on average 4x more cost-effective at stimulating brand browsing online than all other media combined.

To find out how Bauer radio & online campaigns can spark interest & drive action for your products & services, get in touch today.

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Source: New ways of working study- Radiocentre March 2021 | Radio: The Online Multiplier - Radiocentre

People need cars (more than ever)

56% of people agree that it’s important to now own a car, so they can avoid public transport.

And with the Bank of England stating households have accumulated savings of £125 billion throughout the pandemic, equating to an average of £5,000 per household. Then buying a new vehicle will be both a priority, and more affordable for many.

We can help make sure your business is front of their mind as they start their search, so let us help you take the steering wheel on your road to recovery.

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Source: Autoventure Survey Jan 2021. FT Fintech - Feb 2021

Home is where the Hot Tub is!

Lockdown is lifting but holidays are still off limits.
That’s where your business can help our listeners to… “Holiday @ Home”

In fact, 56% of Bauer listeners say they will be going out less in 2021, irrespective of lockdown and restrictions.

Can’t get to Rome? Prosecco on a new patio.
Hawaii dreams dashed. Hi to a new Hot Tub.
Can’t book a flight? There’s more leg room with a new sofa.

Bauer Media Bounce Back with Bauer

If your business can help our listeners holiday at home, then...

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Source: Bauer Media Covid-19 Report 2021 #1

"I need a hero"

Our audience are 60% more likely than the general population to work in health, care, social or welfare sectors.

With increased pressure and demand on our health, care and welfare sectors – we know finding candidates in these areas will be crucial in 2021.

And with more people working from home over the course of the past year, lots more have had the time to take stock of the direction their lives are heading, and many will be looking to update and upgrade their career.

So, if you’re recruiting in the health or care sectors, now is a great time to use our expertise to promote your recruitment campaigns to the right people, with the right message.

Let us show you how.

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Source: Bauer Insiders COVID19 #8 & TGI Radio+ Q3 2020. Hits Radio Brand, listened in last month.

Harrogate & The Yorkshire Dales – Radio Advertising

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Radio Advertising is efficient

For every £1 spent on radio advertising you get twice as much audience as any other advertising medium.

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Radio advertising is trusted

87% of people say that they trust radio making it the uk’s most trusted medium

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Radio advertising is always on

Radio has the lowest level of ad avoidance of all media; 16% avoid radio ads v 68% avoid newspaper ads

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Radio advertising is relevant

Adverts on the radio talk to the right people at the right time & place with targeted messages

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Radio advertising is targeted

Radio is the number 1 platform for targeting and number 1 platform for cost per thousand audience

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Radio advertising drives response

Radio has always been a strong “call-to-action” medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet.

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