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  • Greatest Hits Radio reaches 171,000 adults, that’s 21% of the population*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio reaches 158,000 main shoppers, that’s 22% of all main shoppers*.
  • Greatest Hits Radio reaches 171,000 car owners, that’s 23% of all car owners*.
Source: RAJAR, The Breeze Berks & N.Hants TSA, 6 Months PE Mar 20. 13 week audiences. Predicted Cumulative Reach.

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Advertising on Radio in the Berkshire & North Hampshire

We carefully choose, research and painstakingly craft the mix of music we play. We bring you the personalities that entertain, the contests that excite and the news stories that matter, to cultivate the most valuable audience for our customers.

Lots of people will be looking to re-train or find a new career in 2021! 

Whether looking to re-train, change career or find a new position, the job market will be the main focus of many people's lives in 2021.

We can make sure their sights are set firmly on your business when they’re looking to learn new skills or apply for vacancies.

In fact, our listeners are 26% more likely than the general population to expect to change jobs in the next 12 months, so now is a great time to use our expertise to promote your training or recruitment campaigns to the right people, at the right time and with the right message.

So jump ahead of your competitors in 2021, let us show you how.

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Source: Bauer Insiders COVID19 #8 & TGI Radio+ Q3 2020. Hits Radio Brand, listened in last month.


Throughout the pandemic, Radio has remained at the centre of everyone’s bubble by playing a key role in reducing feelings of isolation and keeping people connected, entertained and informed.

89% of the UK listens to the Radio every single week, and it’s no surprise that independent research shows people are listening to their radios even longer, with over a third of them now listening for 26 hours every week compared to the average of around 14 hours a week prior to the health crisis.

Digital listening via smart speakers, smartphones and laptops is also thriving:

Bauer stations streaming reach compared to pre-lockdown 52%

Bauer stations streaming hours compared to pre-lockdown 36%

With people listening longer, they now have an even closer relationship to our radio stations, and that’s a relationship your business can really benefit from.

So, talk to us about how we can make you part of our bubble and how radio can get you up close and personal with your customers from a safe social distance.

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SOURCES: RAJAR Q1 2020; Radiocentre/DRG 2020; Bauer Audiometrix/Looker Radio Streaming data November 2020

It’s bad news for straw donkeys!

25% of people say they would prefer to holiday in the UK until a vaccine has been proven successful.

That’s bad news for straw donkey’s, giant sombreros and all your other favourite holiday souvenirs. But it’s good news for you!

And with 29% of our listeners saying they prefer to take holidays in their own country rather than abroad, many of our them will be looking for holiday options on these fine shores throughout 2021.

The UK staycation market is predicted to be worth a staggering £8.2bn post COVID, so now is a great time to use our expertise to promote your business to the right people, at the right time and with the right message.

Let us know what your budget is and we will show you how you don’t need to spend more money to achieve a bigger return.

We’ll show you how much more effective we could make your advertising!

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Source: Staycation Market Report 2020 by Parkdean Resorts, Staycation Statistics by Citysuites & TGI Radio+ Q3 2020. Hits Radio Brand, listened in last month.

Berkshire & North Hampshire – Radio Advertising

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Radio advertising is efficient

For every £1 spent on radio advertising you get twice as much audience as any other advertising medium.

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Radio advertising is trusted

87% of people say that they trust radio making it the uk’s most trusted medium.

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Radio advertising is always on

Radio has the lowest level of ad avoidance of all media; 16% avoid radio ads v 68% avoid newspaper ads.

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Radio advertising is relevant

Adverts on the radio talk to the right people at the right time & place with targeted messages.

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Radio advertising is targeted

Radio is the number 1 platform for targeting and number 1 platform for cost per thousand audience.

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Radio advertising drives response

Radio has always been a strong “call-to-action” medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet.

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