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The Greatest Hits Radio Story  

The entertainment landscape is always changing. The way people tune into radio is changing and we’re evolving with it.  

The Bauer Audio UK brand portfolio is evolving to meet changing audience needs. 


Covering diverse demographic profiles – We’re everywhere you need to be. 

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Hits Radio Portfolio
Hits Radio & Greatest Hits Radio combined
14.9 million total reach

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In the Hits and Greatest Hits Networks

Hits Radio Network 

8.1 million reach 

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In The Hits Network 

Greatest Hits Radio Network  

8.7 million reach 

*All Bauer And Partner Stations In The Greatest Hits Network 

The Story So Far 

Since its launch in 2019, the Greatest Hits Radio network has become a modern radio phenomenon, expanding through strategic acquisitions, world-class talent, and continuous marketing support.

Playing the biggest songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s and home of Ken Bruce with Pop Master,  Simon Mayo, Kate Thornton, Jenny Powell, Martin Kemp and Jackie Brambles, Greatest Hits Radio is now the station of choice for millions of listeners each week.

Why Advertise on Greatest Hits Radio: A Winning Strategy for Advertisers 

We reach a valuable, underserved audience with a wide range of commercial opportunities. Offering advertisers national scale with local connections.
The Greatest Hits Radio audience are mature, but young at heart – they are classic Gen Xers. They are intelligent, funny and loving life more than ever before. The kids are flying the coop, so our audience are ‘Modern Midlifers’ with money and the time to do something about it – and they are living their best life right now.  


Our Audience Profile 

Who are they? 

  • Mass market and 40+  
  • Have lived a little & are now settled with established careers & older kids. 
  • Place great value on friends, family and community, and are fiercely loyal to where they live.  
  • Part of an increasingly ageless society 
  • Speeding up not slowing down 
  • Grown-up & grounded but up for fun 
  • Their midlife will not be a quiet one as they continue to seize the opportunities that life throws in their direction – to travel, to eat out, to learn & experience new things 

Music Lovers

  • Enjoy being able to sing along to the tunes they know and love.  
  • Music has the capacity to take them back to the time and place where they first heard it and the memories that surround it. 
  • Love listening to radio – want a station and presenters that share their values – family and friendship; enjoying life; warmth; fun; authenticity and community spirit. 

Powerful Consumers

  • Powerful market force – discerning consumers 
  • Starting to rediscover their independence as they get more time & money to themselves 
  • Make the most of weekends 
  • Love getting the house back to looking like a show home 
  • Increased spending on luxury holidays, travel
    & experiences. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the most popular music for 40+ adults, reflecting the life stage of our listeners and keeping them informed and up-to-date with the latest news and information from where they live.  

Since the launch of Greatest Hits Radio, we’ve permanently changed UK radio and the station now sits at the top, as the UK’s most listened to commercial station.  

Our work enables many of the UK’s top brands and local businesses to connect with consumers and grow. 

Why Advertise on Greatest Hits Radio: A Winning Strategy for Advertisers 

Greatest Hits Radio is not just a radio station; it is an authentic and trusted brand that resonates with audiences nationwide.  

With its connected national coverage, advertisers can reach a diverse and engaged audience at scale, leveraging the simplicity and strength of Greatest Hits Radio’s platform.  

In addition, Greatest Hits Radio’s commitment to investment in the future ensures that our advertisers are part of a dynamic and evolving media landscape.  

Join us on our journey and let’s grow together.  

We’re taking local radio to the next level, offering you the best commercial opportunities available. Deeper engagement with listeners and their communities, combined with national scale and local trust – Greatest Hits Radio offers you the best of both worlds.

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Sources: Hits Radio research December 2023 & Rajar Q1 2024