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4 April 2024

What could you do with 30 seconds?

We understand how difficult it is to get quality time with potential customers. Getting their attention is difficult enough, with print ads, social media, display ads and more. There are so many platforms, but is covering them all really making an impact?

An All-Encompassing Experience

Imagine what you could do with a direct line to your customers; the freedom to properly promote your business. Think of the creative possibilities and real impact you could have. Radio gives you that platform. We reach into people’s lives, connecting with them in different places and moments, following them through their days. When your ad plays everything stops, you can’t scroll past, you don’t need to be right there to see it. It fills the space and tells your story.

Ad-avoidance is critical

What good is an advertisement if no one pays attention to it? An incredible video production bursting into their living rooms doesn’t mean much if they’re making a cup of tea in the other room. Along with cinema, radio has the lowest ad avoidance score of any medium.* In a café, at the gym, in the car or at home; wherever and whenever, radio’s never far.

If you’re spending the money, make sure you’re getting the results

Advertising is complex, the range of platforms and approaches can leave many businesses going in with good intentions but failing to achieve results. We have the scale, impact and diversity of brands to suit any business of any size. We make advertising work better for businesses. The data is clear; radio delivers an average ROI of £7.70 for every £1 spent. †

Massive potential, unmatched reach and security – Radio just works.

*Clark Chapman Research
†Radio ROI Dataset – Radiocentre

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