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The digital era is transforming the commerce landscape and posing a significant question for business owners across Britain: Is social media as instrumental as it’s made out to be? Recent reports confirm this with a resounding ‘Yes’.
A staggering 91% of British SMEs have jumped on the social media bandwagon, marking a 5% rise from the previous year. This equates to thousands of businesses nationwide harnessing the power of digital networking and online branding. However, merely being present on social media platforms isn’t enough. The true strength of these platforms lies in understanding their effective usage. Unfortunately, a mere 32% of businesses have a clear social strategy in place.


Creating a social media account and posting a few times might seem like a decent start, but without a clear strategy, it’s like sailing a ship without a compass. That’s where our dedicated social media team steps in, committed to helping SMEs transition to a more strategic approach.
We excel at transforming simple goals into comprehensive social strategies and bringing these strategies to life. We steer clear of unnecessary jargon and complications. Instead, we listen to your objectives, whether they’re related to social media or broader business aims, and we construct a clear roadmap to achieve them.


Social media is not just a passing trend — it’s a potent tool that can drive substantial growth for SMEs when used effectively. But it requires more than just participation. It demands a deep understanding of the medium, a clear strategy, and the right expertise to implement it.
Are you ready to turn your social media from a static presence into a dynamic tool for growth? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

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