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14 February 2024

Reaching Audiences on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day approaches and your thoughts are likely turning to how well your business engages across demographics. Critically, accessing different demographics can be challenging; reaching the right people, and engaging them are all advertising hurdles to overcome.

We offer scale

Over 11.5 million women listen to Bauer stations every week. That’s over 11 million potential customers you could be reaching. Whilst other, solely digital platforms might offer you scale, their audience are users; we can offer you fans. Dedicatedly tuning in and engaging with us on a deeper level.

We offer trust

Advertising is tricky. Establishing a level of trust is the first step in winning new customers, but this doesn’t come easy. Distrust of media is a viral narrative and has been for several years. The platform you choose is a reflection of your brand. Don’t let this hold you back before you’ve started. Radio consistently ranks as the most trustworthy platform, with 56% of people rating radio as trustworthy. This is far ahead of TV and the press.

We offer engagement

Our female audience listens to Bauer stations on average of almost 9 hours a week. This allows you to develop trust in your brand in a way that only audio can. Authentic scale through a real audience.

*11.5 million women 15+ – All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations
† European Union – Eurobarometer 96
‡ All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations

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