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12 February 2024

Trust Makes the Difference

Right now, buyers are smothered by choice. Giant corporations can dominate the conversation. This can leave local dealers like you fighting to be heard. You’ve got something they don’t, a personal touch offering support and advice to buyers, rather than hours spent scrolling.

Absolute Precision

Digital audio offers sophisticated targeting options, allowing you to define the audience you want to reach. Don’t waste your budget on the wrong audience. Speak to the right people, at the right time, in the locations that matter to you.

Tried And Tested

Some of our motor clients have achieved over 100% more click-throughs than Google search ads and over 800% more than Facebook advertising. Don’t settle for makeshift quick fixes, drive your business forward with industry-leading marketing.

Your Secret Weapon

Online retailers and marketplaces may dominate the industry, but your brand’s personality sets you apart. Communicating this to your customers is key. What better way than to speak to them directly with audio advertising? Highlight your business with us and get an edge on your competition.

*Wordstream – Google AdWords industry benchmarks (Motor industry specific) – HPL Motors Digital Audio Campaign 2023