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7 September 2023

Traffic & Travel – The Right Message at the Right Time

The right message at the right time

Traffic & travel, it’s always been an integral part of the radio schedule and should be part of your marketing plan. Despite the rise of digital services, radio remains strong.

Maintaining the lead

55% of people surveyed report they use radio for traffic and travel news.* This is more than Google Maps, Apple Maps, and TV. 70% say bulletins are an important part of their radio station choice.* Traffic and travel news forms an essential part of our schedule and a unique offer for your business.

Seamless advertising

Sponsorship opportunities allow you to integrate your advertising within our content, supporting you to communicate clearly to an audience that’s closely listening. With 75% of people turning up the radio when travel news comes on, we can’t imagine a better platform for your business.*

It’s all about timing, we’re here to help

We are here to assist you in leveraging the right timing to reach your audience effectively through our platform.

Make the most of the opportunities presented by traffic and travel news on the radio.

* Traffic and Travel news remains important to radio listeners – RadioToday

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