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31 July 2023

The Power of Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns

Engaging your audience effectively is crucial for any successful campaign. Multi-touchpoint campaigns stand out as the ultimate approach to deliver the strongest results, allowing you to communicate a unified message across multiple platforms, maximising your reach.

Understanding multi-touchpoint campaigns

A multi-touchpoint campaign may sound complex, but at its core, it’s a straightforward concept. It involves strategically breaking down your marketing message across a variety of platforms to connect with a broader audience. By doing so, your brand message is reinforced at key points in the customer journey, creating a cohesive experience. This approach is especially valuable for building awareness, nurturing customer understanding, and driving conversions.

Serenity Holidays

Recently, we worked with Serenity Holidays on a multi-touchpoint campaign that delivered exceptional results. The campaign’s primary objective was to promote Serenity Holidays’ offerings, while also fostering participation from their target audience.

Step 1: The Competition Element

At the heart of the campaign was an enticing competition. To participate, entrants were invited to watch a promotional video showcasing the exceptional experiences Serenity Holidays has to offer. They were then required to answer a question correctly to be in with a chance of winning a prize. This gamification element encouraged people to actively interact with the brand on a deeper level.

Step 2: Amplifying engagement through social media

We also ran a well-crafted paid social media campaign. Social media platforms are potent tools for expanding reach, and our strategy was to target Serenity Holidays’ specific audience segments. Engaging content and eye-catching visuals accompanied by strategic ad placements resulted in substantial engagement.

Step 3: the power of audio advertising

As part of the multi-touchpoint approach, we harnessed the power of audio advertising. Our carefully crafted audio ads were broadcast 42 times, captivating an audience of over 550,000 listeners. This method not only increased brand recall but also added a personal touch to the campaign, making it memorable for listeners.

How did it go?

The competition webpage saw an impressive surge, with 9.7 thousand people visiting. Out of these visitors, over 1.5 thousand individuals entered the competition. Furthermore, the advertising led to reaching an audience of more than 550,000 listeners. Social media captured the attention of an additional 113,000 people across platforms. These numbers reflected the campaign’s efficacy in widening Serenity Holidays’ reach and boosting brand engagement.

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