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3 May 2024

The Other Side Of Sport

A summer of major sporting events isn’t all positive. Unfortunately, these events bring a range of negative side effects that impact vulnerable people and our communities. It’s absolutely critical awareness is raised and help is available for all that need it. Advertising is the cornerstone of this.  

Aggravating Issues 

Gambling, binge drinking, drugs and abuse, it isn’t easy to take the shine off sports celebrations, however, education and support reduce harm. Unfortunately, reports of domestic violence in the UK surge during football competitions. Estimates vary, but this rise in reports has been found to be somewhere between 25%–50%.*   

Understanding the objective 

You don’t need us to educate you on the increasing risks that come with major sporting events. What you need is the assurance your message is heard by the masses and makes an impact. Audio offers you the power to speak directly to people and make that emotional connection. Your work is key, don’t leave anything to chance. 

Uncompromising Scale 

We reach 23.3 million adults every week with the UK’s most influential brand network. ‡ Our brands range from local favourites to national influencers. Outside of radio, we offer a full range of creative marketing services. Digital audio, web design, video production or brand creation, we have all the tools necessary to get this important message out there.  

Security in our scale 


‡ RAJAR Q4 2023 

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