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8 June 2023

Our listeners are ready for summer

In a recent survey, 41% of people said they were unsure about what type of holiday to take this year and would consider a staycation instead. This is more than triple the figure reported in 2021.* Holidays abroad are off the table for many, and staycations are the focus.

Everyone needs a break

Despite the uncertainty, for many of us, a holiday is essential. Our listeners are 15% more likely than average to book a UK holiday within the next year. That’s over 7.5 million people looking for their dream holiday. †

Value is paramount

Turbulent economic conditions, years of successive holiday disasters; from covid cancellations to airport chaos, demand has skyrocketed for the first ‘normal’ year in a long time. Holidaymakers want the best holiday at a reasonable price, this means many are looking for top tier staycations. With so much competition out there, how are you going to standout?

Capture their imagination

Booking a holiday is a big deal and so people want to get excited. They want to be inspired and book something they can daydream about. Audio has the power to evoke these feelings and seize the essence of your destination.

Take them there, with audio

*Travel in 2023: What kind of holidays will Britain be taking next year? | Go.Compare (
TGI GB 2023 May. Listened in last month

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