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18 December 2023

Sort My Life Out

A Year Of Opportunity

With only a few weeks left of 2023, thoughts turn to 2024 and a fresh start with an economy beginning to heal from the scars of the last few years. For many, January is a time to take stock and begin to act on big decisions.

Key Decisions

Personal finance and lifestyle changes are at the front of many people’s minds at the beginning of the year. 200,000 of our listeners expect to formally divorce or separate next year. 3 million listeners usually consult a financial advisor before deciding on financial matters. This is a huge audience of potential customers for you to tap into.

332,000 listeners expect to purchase their first home in the next year. Whilst interest rates remain high, life goes on. The start of a new year is exactly when many of these people will start to act on these big decisions.

Investing in what you’ve got

The story isn’t the same for everyone. Many of our listeners are comfortable where they are and are looking to develop their current home. 1.2 million of them are looking to undergo major home improvements in the next 12 months.

Whatever your business may be, our audience are making serious moves to start their year. Capitalize on this, with audio.