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21 February 2024

Say Hello to Sunshine

Light nights, warm afternoons. Spring is within touching distance and with it comes the peak revenue seasons. Marketing should be your top priority right now and we have the audience and tools available for you to reach your goals.

The Great Outdoors

Houseproud consumers will be gearing up to prepare their cherished greenspaces for some well-needed sunshine. Our listeners spend £2.5 billion on their gardens each year. They’re also 13% more likely to agree that they will spend a lot of money on improving their gardens. If you’re looking to engage nature-passionate people, we can help.

Coming out of hibernation

Al fresco dining, a weekend getaway or drinks on the terrace. With the arrival of sunny days and hazy evenings comes an extra dimension to your business. As you know, it’s a massively saturated market and securing your revenue can be challenging. Being present and well-positioned is fundamental and it all starts with marketing.

Build your foundation today

*TGI GB Jan 24. Listened in the last month