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Santa is coming… sooner than you think!

A third of our listeners will start planning for Christmas from September* so although it feels strange to think about stocking fillers when summer has just arrived, there is really no better time to start planning your festive campaign.

It is estimated that our listeners will spend £1.9 billion on gifts this year, and individually will spend more than the national average**. By speaking directly to consumers as soon as they begin writing their lists, we can influence where and how they shop, keeping your business at the core of our messaging.

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How we can help your business find the right potential customers

30% of our listeners will be looking to save money

With the rise in cost-of-living still impacting how the majority of people spend, we understand that 30% of our listeners will be looking to save money in advance, moving between online and in-store to find the best possible deals***. Advertising with us earlier means we can target those who have already begun shopping, while also building greater brand awareness for those who rely on winter sales: over half of our listeners will do at least a quarter of their Christmas shopping at events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday***.

And by continuing your campaign into the Christmas season, your message will be heard at the best time for radio: 19% of people listen to us more during the festive period, and 44% of listeners tend to look for more information after hearing an advert during this time***.

We can help you stand out against your competitors, crafting a unique and considered festive campaign that will grab consumers’ attention from the very beginning.

When should retailers advertise?

33% start planning for Christmas in Sept/Oct, which is the highest percentage over any other month.

Christmas gift advertising should continue right up until Christmas to reach last minute shoppers.

Listener spending/shopping habits

The total/volume spend on Christmas gifts by listeners is estimated at £1.9bn. The average listener spend is higher than the national average.

Customers like to shop both online and in store and seek affordability. 48% shop online and 48% shop in store. 61% said affordable gifts influences their purchasing decisions.

Only 10% of listeners did all their shopping online, which tells us listeners like to shop in store.

What are they buying?

The majority of listeners buy clothing as presents (40%), followed by toiletries and cosmetics (30%), food and drink (29%), then gift vouchers and cards (28%).

Listeners are buying more essentials and less luxury as gifts. High street clothes came top of listeners wish-lists at 52%, followed by food (hampers and chocolates) at 50%.

Christmas purchasing for new clothes has grown by +10% since 2022.

Barriers and affordability to gift spending

Rise in cost of living remains the number one barrier for gift spending, effecting 63% of people.

60% had to make changes to afford Christmas this year, with more loyalty rewards high on the agenda.

69% want to see more loyalty rewards from retailers.

30% of listeners saved money in advance, which is up 4% since 2022.

Over half of consumers rely on the sale events (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day) for at least a quarter of their Christmas shopping.

Advertising on the radio is a great choice for your business

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Radio advertising is relevant

Adverts on the radio talk to the right people at the right time & place with targeted messages.


Radio advertising is targeted

Radio is the number 1 platform for targeting and number 1 platform for cost per thousand audience.


Radio advertising drives response

Radio has always been a strong “call-to-action” medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet.

*SOURCE: TGI Radio+ P/E FEB 24 – HITS BRAND  MONTHLY LISTENERS. ** SOURCE: TGI Radio+ P/E FEB 24 – HITS BRAND  MONTHLY LISTENERS. *** SOURCE: Bauer Insiders Insights Christmas 2023.