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17 May 2023

Reach the customers that matter for your motors dealership

We know motors

We’re proud of our long history of producing exceptional results for motor businesses. Digital audio has revolutionised radio advertising, allowing greater control and transparency than ever before.

Reach, refine & define

Using the power of digital audio, we can construct a strategic marketing strategy to grow your revenue. Our audience will travel on average, 18.6 miles to purchase a new car. Insights like this allow us to launch a series of campaigns, gradually warming and refining your audience.

An example funnel:

  • Reach Campaign – Brand awareness to a 19-mile radius around your dealership(s).
  • Refine Campaign – Refined advertising targeting customers not only within the 19-mile radius but also within your target demographic.
  • Define Campaign – Defined targeting (E.G. car buyers) within a 19 mile radius around your dealership(s).

How do i know if it works?

Audio Pixel is a digital tracking service that enables us to measure the success of our campaigns by matching the users who heard the ads to the users who subsequently performed a certain action, such as a visit to your landing page.

Audio delivers more

We consistently deliver over double the Google Ads conversion rate and 10x the Facebook Ads rate for motor dealerships.

Example Campaign:

  • £7.2k spend.
  • Audio impressions: 600k – (90,260 Unique Users)
  • % of UU converting – 19% – CPC= £0.42

Motor industry averages:

  • Google Search average CTR: 4%
  • Google Display: 0.60%
  • Facebook Ads: 0.80%

“We had previously stepped away from Radio Adverts due to the inability to effectively measure customer engagement and activity and therefore give an accurate ROI.
Pixel gives us this information and allows us to see that RADIO WORKS!
Based on the performance with Pixel we have the confidence that Radio is a viable option and have, since our initial trial, increased our spend in this area.”
 – Sandicliffe Motors

If you’re looking to focus your marketing strategy and ensure healthy returns, we can help.

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