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4 December 2023

Radio V Social

A healthy medium

As technology endlessly progresses, consumers continue to question their digital lives and how this affects their everyday reality. Just as your customers question their choices, you must question your advertising strategy and adjust appropriately.

Negative influences

The universal nature of smartphones and digital technology can often make us feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our everyday reality. In response to this, nearly 50% of people have taken a break from social media. This, of course, means all those same people have taken a break from your advertising. This sort of avoidance can have a catastrophic effect on your marketing strategy.

Feeling whole

This shift away from technology doesn’t have to force a pause on your advertising. Radio allows you to connect with consumers through a medium that enriches their lives. 93% say radio lifts their mood. Not only this but 61% say they find radio provides a sense of companionship. Don’t fall victim to negative influences from your platform.

Stay ahead of the trend, with audio.

*Bauer Media Insiders survey July 2023