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29 May 2024

Radio Delivers Performance  

It’s well-documented that radio delivers scale and consistently enables brands to raise their profile and grow. However, questions about radio’s ability to deliver concrete performance are occasionally raised. New research from Radiocentre looks to address this and investigate just how powerful the medium is for boosting web traffic. Performance marketing is essential for growth, radio can improve not only the quantity but also the efficiency of online response. 

Radio: The Performance Multiplier Study 

This report contains compelling evidence of radio’s multiplier effect on results for performance marketers and aims to quantify the extent to which radio advertising can boost web traffic for online businesses, both short and/or longer term. 

Click to read the full report: (Radio: The Performance Multiplier – Radiocentre

The Performance Plateau 

In a recent article, Tom Roach, VP Brand Strategy of digital agency Jellyfish, highlights how it’s become common for many brands with a performance mindset to hit a slowdown in growth – which he refers to as the ‘Performance Plateau’ (a concept developed in conjunction with Dr Grace Kite, CEO of econometric/marketing analytics agency Magic Numbers). In simple terms, the performance plateau is a stage in which a business’s growth stagnates and the traditional marketing mix of search, social and online display advertising stops generating results. To go beyond this businesses need to cast a wider net and layer their advertising approaches. Only focusing on the quick wins from advertising inevitably leads to a slowdown. 

How Radio Helps 

It’s all about layering. Focusing on a limited number of channels only limits your reach and eventually hits a ceiling. To get beyond this, businesses need to reach out to a wider audience, many of whom won’t be in the market to buy today but could be in the future. When combined with other channels, radio delivers the boost you need to punch through and begin generating results again. The balance of performance-focused campaigns and brand-building is the key. Activating audiences in a position to buy now and building interest for the future.  

How radio helps build for the future 

  • Increasing awareness, relevance and trust. 

Analysis of over 800 radio campaigns measured on Radiogauge reveals how, on average, radio advertising increases ad awareness by 49%, brand relevance by  24%, and brand trust by 32%. 

  • Boosting your profile 

Radiocentre’s study Radio, the Brand Multiplier reveals how, when added to the media mix, radio advertising significantly increases a brand’s network of mental associations, helping brands spring to mind more readily when people are in buying mode. 

  • Second only to TV in long-term brand-building 

In Radiocentre’s Re-Evaluating Media study, Ebiquity identified which media attributes advertisers and agencies consider most important for brand-building. The performance of each medium was then evaluated against these based on the publicly available evidence. Combining evidence scores for all attributes firmly places TV as the best performing medium for brand-building, closely followed by Radio. The analysis also reveals how Online Video and Online Display are the weakest performers overall. 

  • Strong long-term return-on-investment 

Reflecting the findings from the Ebiquity study, data from Thinkbox’s Profit Ability 2 study reveals how full-term profit ROI derived from TV and Audio media significantly outperforms that of digital channels. 

How radio works for the present 

  • Driving purchase consideration and online response 

Analysis of over 800 radio campaigns measured on Radiogauge reveals how, on average, radio advertising increases brand consideration by 18% and encourages around 20% of those recalling the ad to search for and/or access – the brand’s website. 

  • Increasing interaction online 

Results from 23 radio campaigns measured in Radiocentre’s Radio: The Online Multiplier study reveal how, when exposed to radio advertising for a brand, listeners are 52% more likely to engage with that brand online. 

  • Strong short-term return on investment 

Data from Thinkbox’s Profit Ability 2 study reveals how short-term ROI derived from Audio media significantly outperforms that of pureplay digital channels. 

Re-allocating budget to radio multiplies online response 

The learning from this study is clear and compelling – reallocating budget from other media into radio can turbo-charge performance channels. More importantly, the findings are incredibly consistent. Within each campaign, the data suggests that reallocating budgets from other media to radio will still reap dividends at a radio budget share of 50% and beyond. There is enormous value to be gained from taking a moment to step back and assess your strategy. Not only could this save you money, but it can also increase the value of your marketing investments and see you enjoying better results both now and in future.