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27 October 2023

Last Chance Saloon

Last chance saloon

Christmas is almost within touching distance, but seasonal spending isn’t over just yet. Some people just aren’t as organised as others and have plenty of shopping to do.

Take this season to the next level

It’s not too late to launch that final push and uplift your revenue this season. The majority of shoppers don’t finish until at least mid-December.* It’s easy to feel like this final quarter of the year is all but done, however, the reality is many people are just getting started.

Late spenders

Over 54% of people have yet to start their gift shopping.* Depending on your character, this will sound like a lot or a little, regardless, that’s the majority of the market. Intelligent businesses will capitalise on this and act accordingly; putting the pressure on with timely marketing and clever pricing.

Let’s fix it together

he most successful businesses are usually the most agile; able to react quickly and adjust to the demands of their customers. We can offer the agility you need, enabling you to give your business a welcome cash injection. It’s not too late to get the most out of this Christmas.

The race isn’t over yet – Let’s get to the finish together

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