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4 October 2023

It’s The Thought That Counts

Thinking differently

Christmas is a time for giving, or so the saying goes. The last few years have been tough but people’s appetite for spending hasn’t faded yet. The issue is that inflation is continuing to put pressure on seasonal spending and consumers are once again forced to make hard choices.

Giving it some extra thought

Almost two-thirds of shoppers say thoughtful gifts are better received than expensive ones. Businesses like yours can cut yourself a bigger slice of seasonal sales by highlighting the sentimental value of thoughtful gifts ahead of impulse buys. A gift voucher giving them those extra pennies toward a bigger purchase, or money to spend on something they really care about means much more than a giftset found in a seasonal sale.

Experiences over price tags

There isn’t much better than a treat day. Spa days, nights away, afternoon tea or something else. The value it offers over a product is huge and this is exactly why it’s the preferred choice for so many shoppers. Almost half of shoppers say they plan to buy thoughtful gifts this year and you can’t get much more thoughtful than planning something for that special person.

Reworking the plan

We can help you assess your seasonal marketing and refine your plan to make the most of this key quarter. Our record speaks for itself and with a platform reaching over 11 million people a week; you’re working with an advertiser at the peak of the industry.

Think smarter this season