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2 October 2023

Going Sober for October

Cornering the market

With eyes on “Go sober for October” and more focus than ever on our drinking habits and sobriety, it’s the right time to think about how you’re promoting your alcohol alternative ranges. With this corner of the industry expanding at an unprecedented rate, make sure you’re not at the back of the queue in the gold rush.

Changing the habits

During January this year, almost 9 million drinkers looked to take a month off for dry January. This is around 1 million more than in 2022. The non-alcoholic beer market alone is worth over £307 million this year and is predicted to grow by over 7% in the next 4. We don’t need to sell you on the potential of the market, we’re here to help you recognise your potential.

An industry leading gameplan

Our platform, tools, and expertise are as good as it gets, it’s as simple as that. We reach over 11 million people every week through our network of some of the biggest brands in UK radio. Using Radio delivers you the highest profit ROI and grows your market share 4x faster than businesses that don’t. We’re all about audio and digital, so whether you’re looking to be heard or wanting to be seen we can get you your share of the limelight.

Don’t miss out on the fast-track to success

Seize the momentum of the growing alcohol alternative market. Our extensive network and cutting-edge tools are your ticket to leading the pack in this burgeoning sector.

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