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20 November 2023

Getting Involved

A voice for all

The diversity of our brands reflects the diversity of our listeners. These last 2 months of the year remind us of the lives of all the communities in which we play an important role. Diwali, St Andrews Day, Bonfire Night, and Christmas. We’re here to connect you with exactly who you want to speak to.

Serious about support

We’re always focused on the data, guaranteeing you the right audience on the platforms that resonate. 1.3 million Bauer listeners belong to or help out with a local community organisation.* Not only this, but 8.7 million listeners have donated to charity in the last 12 months.* It’s all about the right message to the right target audience. We can help with both.

Pinpoint precision

Don’t waste your budget on the wrong audience, make sure you’re only speaking to the right people. Whether it’s on-air or online, let’s build a profile of your ideal customer and only target those.

Speak to your communities directly, with audio.

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