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25 August 2023

Energy Saving – Focus on the Essentials

Winter worries

After the most difficult winter in recent memory, billions spent in grants, record high energy bills and even the threat of blackouts, anxiety is on the rise as winter closes in.

Opportunity knocks

International energy organisations like the IEA are waving warning flags, as the possibility of another winter crisis seems very real.* Having had a taste of how bad things can get, the public aren’t ready to go through this struggle again. Ways to reduce energy bills and insure against further difficulties is exactly what your customers are looking for.

Your positioning is key

Many of your potential customers are afraid and as the experts your guidance is exactly what they need right now. Rather than selling to them, the key is educating audiences about how investments now can pay off in the long term. Reducing bills and insuring against turmoil in the future.

Focus on the essentials

We’re here to help you tailor your marketing, helping you focus on what customers are receptive to during difficult economic periods. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial and we can show you how.

Support your customers and they’ll support you.

*Energy boss says prices might rise this winter – BBC News

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