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25 July 2023

Electric cars – change is on the way

Change is not just on the horizon in the automotive industry; it’s almost here. While industry professionals like yourself are well versed in the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), the question remains: Are your customers? With so much information about grants, Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) mandates, and the availability of charging points, it’s easy for the public to be overwhelmed and uncertain about the reality and future of the auto industry.

The practical reality of evs

A key factor holding back electric vehicle sales is the perceived lack of charging infrastructure. However, the reality is that there are over 8.6k public charging devices currently available in the UK, with an additional 367 installed just in June. Furthermore, the government has earmarked £1.6 billion to expand this network, anticipating a total of 300k charging points by 2030. Dispelling these misconceptions among your customers is crucial to overcome uncertainty and drive up EV sales.

Debunking range anxiety

Another significant hurdle in getting an EV off the forecourt is the public’s anxiety over limited range. However, in 2023, the median range of electric vehicles is a whopping 195 miles, well above the average Brit’s daily driving distance of 20 miles. It’s essential to reframe the conversation with your customers, asking not “Will this EV have enough range?” but “How much range do you really need?”.

Get the word out and get ahead

The facts about EVs are not the missing piece in your sales strategy; what you need is help in clearing up the confusion and getting your EV sales on track. With the ZEV mandate on the horizon, the industry is undoubtedly set for monumental change. Your challenge is to stay ahead of the curve and provoke thought among your customers.
Whether it’s through radio, digital, or online platforms, we can help you reach the masses and prepare them for the future of motoring.

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