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25 July 2023

Clean air confusion

As cities across the UK continue to expand their clean air zones, public awareness around these environmentally progressive schemes is growing. However, an increase in awareness does not necessarily lead to an increase in understanding. Misconceptions abound and confusion reigns supreme, presenting a challenge to the successful adoption of these important initiatives.

Cutting through the clean air confusion

A sobering statistic reveals that seven out of ten people admit they don’t understand how these clean air zones work.* This high level of confusion can breed mistrust and even resistance to the changes that are designed to improve air quality and public health. It’s becoming increasingly imperative to dispel these misunderstandings and demonstrate to the public how these zones are paving the way to a better, cleaner world for future generations.

Breaking down the myths

Compounding the issue is the fact that a whopping 74% of individuals are unsure whether their cars will incur charges within these zones.* To ensure a smooth rollout and greater acceptance of clean air zones, it’s vital to iron out such complications. This means offering clear, concise information about how the system operates and what it means for motorists on a practical level.

Reaching people where it matters most

With the power to reach audiences across various facets of their lives, there is no better place to educate and inform than when people are in their cars, commuting to work. This provides an optimal opportunity to speak directly to your communities while the issue is most relevant, stimulating understanding and encouraging positive conversation around clean air zones.
You can clear the air about clean air zones, with a tailored audio campaign from us, on digital and FM radio.

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