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26 March 2023

Cash for kids day april 27

Global turmoil, inflation, the cost-of-living crisis and lingering effects from the pandemic have made things tougher than ever this year. Cash for Kids are doing all they can to push back the tide of discontent.

On Thursday 27th of April we’re pushing harder than ever to raise money for children living in poverty. You can support us in a number of ways, including:

■ On-air support for the appeal
■ A one-off donation to the campaign
■ Fundraising activity to engage your staff
■ Fundraising activity to engage your customers

With the funds from this year’s cash for kids day, we will continue to provide cost-of-living grants to help thousands more families afford the basics. Toiletries, nappies, clothing, bedding- the absolute basics we all take for granted and becoming increasingly difficult to afford for many families.


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