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Exhaust Characters

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Exhausts can’t talk, but they do have filthy mouths. A campaign for West Lothian Council to keep our air clean.

The Brief

West Lothian Council and The East of Scotland Vehicle Emissions Partnership’s ‘Switch Off & Breathe’ campaign raises awareness of the harmful air pollution caused by exhaust fumes and discourages unnecessary vehicle idling across five key council areas in East/Central Scotland.  

We were asked to come up with a creative direction and an engaging way to land the core message across TV, Radio and online.

The Insight

Vehicle idling is habitual, most don’t even realise they are doing it. Changing this pattern of behaviour requires the breaking of that habit and educating on the passive harm caused by simply letting your engine run for longer than necessary.

Character SketchesCharacter Sketches
Exhaust CharactersExhaust Characters


Exhausts can’t talk, but they do have filthy mouths.  

We imagined a world where exhausts were living, breathing, talking characters…and how incredibly disruptive they would be. Of course they can’t talk, but they do spew lots of nastiness into our cities and streets. And we can help stop it. 

We created all copy, animation, design, campaign branding, radio and music production – and built a new, simplified campaign site for Switch Off & Breathe. The campaign was activated across Social Media, TV, Radio & Outdoor.

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