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Applications and jobseekers increased by 25% for recruitment website

The mission of is to consistently offer a high-standard platform. This enables recruiters from diverse industry sectors to advertise…

The mission of is to consistently offer a high-standard platform. This enables recruiters from diverse industry sectors to advertise their openings and allows jobseekers to pursue their ideal career.

About was established in 2000 and is currently the leading recruitment website in Northern Ireland. Every month, 400,000 premium jobseekers access the platform. The company’s head office is located in Belfast and it operates as a branch of – one of the rapidly expanding online businesses globally.

Campaign emphasizes on presenting high-quality candidates to their clientele.

As an essential element of their promotional strategy, they initiated a tactical radio campaign. This campaign aimed to boost the registration of jobseekers with NI Jobs, enhance website visits, and escalate applications.

The radio promotional content was broadcasted on Cool FM for a duration of 6 weeks during May and June. This was incorporated as a component of their B2C promotional activities.


Bauer Media Northern Ireland is recognized as the Home of Cool FM, Downtown Radio, and Downtown Country.

This media house is the most extensive commercial radio broadcaster in Northern Ireland. It successfully reaches an aggregate weekly audience of 731,000 listeners. Additionally, their stations boast a cumulative social media following surpassing 1 million enthusiasts.

Complementing the digital reach of Bauer Media Northern Ireland’s channels, has cultivated a strong online community. With over 7,900 supporters spanning the three prominent platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – it ignites an active social media interaction. Their career advice blogs further enrich this platform by offering insights from field experts and promoting the exchange of ideas and personal experiences.

Given this, the campaign objectives for in collaboration with Bauer Media Northern Ireland were outlined as:

  • Increase the traffic on the website.
  • Boost the number of job applications.
  • Augment the registration of new jobseekers. increased visits up 11%
Applications increased by 25%
New jobseekers increased by 25%

“We’re committed to delivering high quality candidates for our customers and as part of our marketing mix, we ran a tactical radio campaign with a view to increasing the number of jobseekers registering with NIJobs early this year. The radio campaign ran on Cool FM for 6 weeks May/June as part our B2C marketing activity and compared to the base level taken in April we saw an increase of 25% in new jobseekers’ registrations. I’m confident that our radio advertising made a significant contribution to the increase in new jobseekers’ registrations and to the success of our customer’s recruitment activity.”

– Sam McIlveen, General Manager, NI Jobs