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4 July 2024

Boost Your Business: Leverage UK Savings Week to Drive Savings Account Sales and Financial Advice Services 

In today’s current climate, it may seem like effectively managing your finances can be a challenging feat. With the cost-of-living crisis not seeming to budge, increasing interest rates and a general uncertainty of future, it can be hard for consumers to know where to turn.  

With an increase in the number of people using their savings to support them during these difficult times, there are many people who don’t have that luxury. According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), data from the Bank of England indicates that around £250 billion is sitting in accounts earning no interest and around three in 10 adults don’t have a savings account of any type.  

Both these facts have highlighted a need to focus on building consumer financial resilience in the UK.* 

UK Savings Week 

Starting on 9th September 2024, UK Savings Week is back and they’re on a mission to make saving simple, easy and rewarding. Launching just two years ago, the scheme has grown year on year and worked alongside a number of organisations to spread the message around building positive savings habits.  

For those with no savings currently, UKSW seeks to help 2 million more people become regular savers by 2030 with a library of tips and resources to help people get started. For those with savings already, UKSW aims to help people make the most of that money pot and help it last longer by helping people to shop around and reduce 0% balances by £50 billion. † 

How Can We Help? 

With schemes such as UK Savings Week highlighting the importance of having savings, consumers will begin to look for trusted sources of how best to get started. By speaking directly to customers through many of Bauer’s products and services, you could showcase your expert advice and help people navigate a secure financial future. 

Whether you’re looking to reach a wider audience with a consistent message or use precise targeting with a more personalised message, Bauer have an audio solution to suit you. From traditional radio airtime, to digital audio, our catalogue of trusted brands allows you to reach customers whenever and wherever. 

While over 14 million Bauer listeners currently own a savings account, the number of listeners who have used their savings to cope with the cost of living crisis has risen. Meaning those savings accounts might not be as healthy as they once were, and customers may look for ways to reinvest in their savings. ‡ 

Look to the Future 

A Bauer Insiders study found that the number of people who don’t see the point in saving until things return to normal is growing compared to previous years. However, with no end in sight for the cost of living crisis, can we expect this number to continue to rise? 

What Can We Do for You? 

Here at Bauer, our team of experts can help you craft the perfect campaign to reach the right customers at the right time. 

With 23 million weekly listeners tuning into our stations every week §, we know how to inform, entertain and inspire our audiences to deliver award-winning content. 

We Do More 

We’re not just experts at radio and audio, we’re graphic designers, social media experts, web designers and videographers. Whatever your vision, we can help it come to life. 

Source: * FCA Market Review 2024 †  BSA ‡ TGI GB 2024 June. Listened in the last month. § RAJAR Q1 24