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4 June 2024

Audio vs Print – Where should you advertise? 

There are so many ways to reach new customers. Audio and print media are some of the oldest and most respected platforms for advertising your business. Both platforms offer huge benefits, however, comparing the two and understanding which is best for you is important. In the following article, we’ll break down exactly what separates them and what you need to know to get the most from your investment. 

The Purchase Funnel 

This is a visual representation of the journey your customers take. From first awareness to loyal customer, this illustrates exactly what your businesses should be doing as they progress down the funnel towards purchase. 

To understand how well each advertising platform works we’ll assess them on each stage of the funnel and their ability to deliver.  

Reach Potential Customers & Gain Their Attention.  

The advertising platform should have enough reach to expose your message to a large target audience. The frequency of your advertising is also key, this ensures repeated exposure and reinforcement of the message over time.  

The platform should be able to place ads in relevant contexts that align with the target audience’s interests, needs, and lifestyles. 

Build Trust & Credibility, Create Emotional Connections, Stimulate the Senses 

Often overlooked, the reputation of the advertising platform is very important. The place you choose to advertise must be seen as a trustworthy media channel, otherwise, you risk damaging the reputation of your business.  

Creativity is key. Wherever you choose to advertise needs to give your business the shine it deserves. The possibility for engaging content, formats and innovative advertising all depends on the capabilities of the platform to deliver this. 

Synergy with other media.  Influence & Drive Action. Customer Retention. Deliver ROI 

No business advertises in just one place. So, knowing your channels work well together and complement each other makes a world of difference. This is even more critical as effective advertising should influence people to perform an action or trigger a response which could involve interaction across multiple platforms. 

Your chosen channel should allow you to build long-term relationships with existing customers, developing loyalty & repeat purchases.  

Finally, it all comes down to the bottom line. You should be able to accurately measure campaign performance and return on investment (ROI) through metrics such as reach, engagement and consumer actions.