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22 September 2023

All Hands on Deck!

All hands on deck

October approaches and with that typically comes a flood of temporary jobs. Unfortunately, the recruitment market is in an unusual place right now with vacancies expanding at the slowest rate in 29 months and staff for seasonal businesses in short supply, it sets up this year as more complicated than ever.*

Ready and waiting

The positive news for you is latest reports show we’re now seeing the sharpest increase in temporary candidate availability since the end of 2020.* The people are waiting, the key is getting your business noticed and vacancies filled.

Skill in short supply

Blue collar, retail and hospitality have all been identified as areas in short supply of temporary staff.* Whether you’re struggling to recruit now or have plans to start, it’s essential you have a clear strategy for your recruitment.

No shortage of success

We have a long history of helping businesses achieve their recruitment goals; just recently we helped Strata Windows hire 3 new installation teams with a multichannel campaign. In Birmingham, we helped the NHS attract 1400 attendees to their recruitment fair. If you’re looking to get your vacancies filled quickly and without hassle, this is the place.

Save the stress, call in the experts

*KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs

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