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26 March 2023

They might not be looking, but they’re always listening!

When it comes to recruitment, we know that searching and selecting the right applicant is key.

The reality is candidates who make the ideal match are not really looking for jobs.

Commercial radio can expand your search to reach up to 37 million weekly listeners in the uk.

According to 2020 MRI-Simmons data, radio reaches 84% of the people who plan on looking for a job within 12 months.

And with an on air & online campaign you can even target and reach specific candidates.

You can:

  • Target job seekers by demographics, age, their profile or positions they are looking for.
  • Target candidates based on their location.
  • Measure campaign results and effectiveness.

We know when they’re listening, where they’re listening & how to reach them. match the profile of your perfect candidate to our listeners.

Source: June 2021. Radio gets the job done for recruitment, | 2022. radio centre. commercial radio at a glance.

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