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23 March 2023

Motor sales – the new hybrid model

The pandemic accelerated the digital purchase experience for many motor customers. As we leave the pandemic behind, we’re seeing a combined online & in dealership buying process emerging.

Online Consideration

Consumers are now becoming much more “self-informed” through visiting multiple websites on their car purchase journey. 24* digital touchpoints are now involved in making a car purchase decision. These touchpoints include seeking third-party reviews as well as manufacturers & dealership branded content.

Dealership conviction

Offline activities still play a vital role in car purchases. Consumers will visit dealerships to consider their researched, short list of cars in person. They also look for reassurance from the dealership brand & salesperson they interact with.

Connect with car buyers at all parts of their journey

We can help you reach online car researchers, drive footfall to your show room or even create a state-of-the-art virtual dealership.

Source: Hatfield, S. (2021) How the pandemic has changed car buying forever.