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26 March 2023

From dusk till dawn

People are tuning in.

Whether it’s…

  • … that couple sitting together after work, making family decisions…
  • … that taxi driver in the middle of the night taking a passenger to their destination…
  • … or that hotel receptionist on a night shift waiting to check in a new guest…

They’re listening to their favourite radio station!

In fact, almost 40% of the people that listen to our radio stations tune in after 7pm*.

Evenings & early mornings are a perfect time

  • … to remind our local audiences of your mouth-watering menu or drive thru take away.
  • … to reach our outgoing listeners who are looking for the next place to go during a night out.
  • … to broadcast your recruitment messages to night-time workers that are looking to change their jobs.

And much more!

Evening sponsorship is cost-effective, and your business can gain from the close relationship between listener and presenter.

Whether you want to reach the night owl customer or the very early bird, we can help you convey your messages in fun and engaging ways with an on-air or online campaign.

Together We Create Impact

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Source: *Rajar Bauer Media Audio UK – Total TSA, PE: Dec 21, 6 months. 1900-0600.