Discover Lanark

Yours, Lanark

Branding a town to reconnect with the community. A love letter from Lanark.


Discover Lanark asked us to create a consumer facing brand and launch campaign to promote Lanark town centre to local residents. The goal was to encourage people to rediscover the town centre. To shop, eat and drink local as we emerged from 2021 lockdown restrictions.


This wasn’t tourism campaign. It was about telling people what Lanark had to offer, it was about reminding local people why they loved Lanark and chose to make their life there. It was a love letter from Lanark.

The Solution

Yours, Lanark.

A sign-off from the town, but also a statement of pride and ownership for it’s people. Tradition was a key value, so we chose to hang the campaign on the most traditional form of comms – the written word.

We created a new visual brand identity, audio branding and brand assets for use across all native platforms. We developed a creative strategy across paid channels and activated across Print, Outdoor & Online in the Lanark area.

And to launch, we sent a personal ‘Letter from Lanark’ to every resident in the town inviting them to rekindle their relationship.