Serenity Holidays

Welcome to The Gambia

A special film, a once in a lifetime trip, and an unforgettable look at The Smiling Coast of Africa.

The Brief

We were asked to create a hero film that promotes ‘The Gambia Experience’ holiday package to potential travellers, showcasing The Gambia’s beauty and unique offerings. The film would be promoted across social media, travel websites and online channels to a targeted audience of travel enthusiasts.

The Insight

The Gambia is referred to as ‘The Smiling Coast of Africa’ for a reason, we wanted to make sure we captured this sentiment in the film. There are stunning landscapes, exotic wildlife, delectable local cuisine…but at it’s heart, The Gambia is a warm, welcoming place full of friendly people.


The footage we captured during the shoot was breathtaking, showcasing the picturesque scenery, vibrant culture, and smiling faces of this beautiful country. Viewers are taken on a visual journey that transports them to The Gambia and shows them what a unique, awe-inspiring destination it truly is. Overall, the film captures the beauty and essence of The Gambia, making it an enticing destination for any avid traveller seeking an unforgettable experience.