The Kitchen Depot

Any Excuse

A campaign packed with reasons to buy a new kitchen, and excuses to show it off.

The Brief

Create an advertising campaign to modernise and re-position The Kitchen Depot brand within their marketplace. Introduce a new tone of voice to grab attention and highlight the quality and allure of their product.

The Insight

When people love their kitchen, they love to open the doors to their home and show it off. Often they are proactively looking for reasons to entertain in their new kitchen.


With a kitchen this beautiful, you’ll find any excuse to show it off. 

We created a multi-channel campaign across TV, Radio, OOH, Social and Online. We focused on the special pride people feel for their new kitchen and imagined some extreme lengths they would go to show it off.

We worked with Arteus to produce a TV spot and refreshed their radio advertising and audio branding to reflect the new creative.

“The campaign looks great, we’re delighted with the creative. A huge thanks to everyone involved.”