The Tools to Build Careers Right

Rebuilding a brand that builds careers from the ground up.

The Brief

People management tool ‘Scopesuite’ asked us to rebrand their business to reflect their niche specialism in the ‘early careers’ training and development space. We were asked to create a brand strategy, positioning, and visual identity that clearly communicated their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Insight

There were very few ‘like for like’ competitors for Scopesuite, most of their competition came from much larger ‘one size fits all’ CRM and HR platforms. None of those businesses catered specifically to the needs of the early careers sector. For this niche market – they were the equivalent of a hammer. Scopesuite was the screw.

“I think it looks fantastic and I’d like to thank you all for your work.”

Nathan Gralton – CEO, Scopesuite