Helping a new distillery and drinks brand to make their mark.

The Brief

The client was looking to build their name in a highly-competitive market, dominated by heritage brands. For this they needed a label and logo design which would make them stand-out in the market, and on the shelf. With Whisky being a famously Scottish product, and wanting to increase sales internationally, the origin of the product needed to be readily-identifiable to buyers around the globe – whilst avoiding stereotypes or cliches.

It had to combine history and modernity – conveying the provenance of the product and its ingredients, while also having a contemporary design aesthetic.

The Insight

Near to the distillery in Jackton, South-East of Glasgow, many burns wind their way towards the sea – and from there, flow around the world.

Whisky, the water of life, does the same – coming from quiet rural origins to towns and cities around the globe.

Raer would make this same journey, and the design should tell its story.

The Solution

Raer, like Scotland itself, is immensely proud of its origins – but always looking to the future. Therefor we sought to create a design that brought iconic Scottish imagery bang up to date. Collaborating with renowned design studio Byrne Atelier, we created the illustration of two Scottish figures, looking to the distant horizon, walking hand-in-hand. They invite the consumer to join them on that journey, and retrace their steps, back to the gently rippling burns near Jackton where Raer was born.

For the logo we created a hand-made design, based on the traditional ‘stencil’ font used on Whisky barrels for centuries, yet as unique as the name itself. The minimalist colour palette combines grey, black and gold – to give an understated yet elegant aesthetic. The end result is a label which grabs the eye, creates interest, and conveys the unique story of the product within.