Sponsorship with Kiss FM

Putting KFC into the culturally relevant conversation with KISS!

The Brief

KFC want to generate more crave moments at the right time, with the right audience, to drive the behaviour of ‘one more visit’. Ultimately, the challenge was to get people to buy MORE KFC. We helped them achieve this objective by allowing them to own the window when audiences crave KFC and turn the crave into a purchase.

The Insight

KFC needed to partner with a brand that could ‘inspire uplift and increase frequency of visits’ plus, crucially ‘create more occasions for people to purchase’. The strategy needed to generate more crave moments at the right time with the right audience. KISS enables KFC to bolster their fun tone of voice to engage core customers, working together to react to cultural moments.


As a partner of Tyler’s show on KISS (4-7pm) KFC owned the window of crave every weekday. As well as delivering a high frequency of product and price messaging, the brand is woven into the fabric of the show, putting it at the heart of the conversations Tyler has with his audience. Throughout the year, KFC were infiltrated cultural moments, bringing listeners great experiences and staying relevant.