Clyde Green Freeport

Glasgow’s Gateway

Branding a grand proposal by looking from the past to the future.

The Brief

With the UK Government’s freeport bid opportunities open from March 2022, Glasgow City Region wanted to hit the ground running with a fully branded proposal. With a tight turnaround, this included core brand guidelines with a fully-fledged visual identity and tone of voice; a ready-to-access microsite and social presence; and informative sizzle-style video content to quickly inform viewers what Clyde Green Freeport could offer the world.

The Insight

With access to Scotland via land, sea and air; the Clyde region already has an established history of excellence for national and international trade and manufacture. And with the international presence of COP26 only just behind them, this branding project was all about looking to the future while acknowledging an experienced past.


Establishing the visual identity was the cornerstone of the project. We worked on a variety of different logo pieces, seeking insight from ports across the globe and acknowledging parts of Clyde’s own history while ensuring that the final choice focused more hopefully on the future.

As an image that’s become somewhat overused, we steered away from using the Finnieston Crane as part of the design, instead presenting options that more subtly alluded to its iconography.

Ultimately, a logo design was agreed upon that accounted for a more literal interpretation of what the freeport is really about – access to Scotland via land, sea and air. Waves, rail lines, and a skyward arrow were incorporated into a bold and clean design, making for a visually arresting image with a story to tell.

Producing a basic brand document for logos, fonts, colour palettes and tone of voice came next.

Once approved, this informed the design and content of the initial microsite – and a two-minute sizzle video to express the benefits of choosing Clyde Green Freeport.