Your car, your way

A perfect example of just the right USP, at just the right time.

The Brief

Lothian Buses wanted to boost their brand presence by reintroducing the positives of traveling by bus.

The Insight

As a brief that came to us during a national rail strike, cost of living crisis, fuel crisis and a climate emergency, timing was perfect. Even the bare minimum of preliminary research revealed an increase in rail prices of 3.8%, a 42% increase in petrol prices and a 7% increase in parking prices on average across Lothian’s main patch: Edinburgh.

And beyond the convenience it offered, Lothian Buses had the perfect salve for the price burn that comes with running a car – they’d capped their travel rate at £20 per week (no matter how much you travelled).


With a golden offer sitting right in their hands, we suggested Lothian champion both the process and the price that make their journeys so irresistible. You tap a card or device to get on the bus, you tap that card or device to get off the bus, and it’s capped daily and weekly. It’s Tap, Tap, Cap. And with so much news floating around about fuel prices, energy prices, parking prices – we knew it was time to get topical. We produced a series clever commercials for out of home, social,  youtube preroll and radio that would highlight the price benefit of Tap, Tap, Cap, while subtly reminding our audience of the uninspiring alternatives. A rate you’d never see at the petrol pumps, on smart meters, or in parking bays – and a reminder it’s finally time to get on board with Tap, Tap, Cap.