Carrington Dean

Cut the debt

A campaign required by the cost of living. To help people cut their debt, not just their weekly Costa bill.

The Brief

Debt Management is a highly competitive marketplace. Carrington Dean wanted to cut through the noise and reaffirm their place as one of the leaders in the sector.  They needed an original creative strategy, execution and brand personality and tone of voice, to ensure they were front-of-mind for their target market.  This would be executed across TV, Radio, OOH and Digital.

The Insight

As the Cost of Living Crisis worsened, people were looking for ways to save money.  The media was full of stories about energy bills, mortgages, food costs, etc.  By being able to help cut their debts by up to 70%, Carrington Dean could provide a different way to improve their financial situation and ease the stress and anxiety.

The Solution

Don’t just cut costs, cut the debt.

This simple message encapsulated the core proposition – that when trying to tackle the cost of living crisis, there were alternatives to just reducing your spend.

We created a 30 second TV ad featuring a number of characters expressing this message, to reflect the reality that debt affects people from all walks of life. Elements of the ad were repurposed to create assets for use in the other advertising mediums, for continuity of message and tone. The characters addressed the camera directly, to make the ad particularly engaging with the audience, and to convey a tone of openness and honesty.

Light humour was also used, to ensure the message stayed positive, hopeful and friendly.

Working with Bauer Create has been a pleasure. They listened carefully to our requirements and expertly advised us on how to position our brand to differentiate ourselves in the market. Bauer Create has helped to deliver one of the most successful creative brand campaigns Carrington Dean has run in recent years. Online search impressions for the brand name increased by around 400 impressions per week, and the website was visited by around 20% more visitors month-on-month.

We’re pleased to have seen a steady 10% increase in the number of people Carrington Dean has helped to address their finances and write off problem debt.

I would 100% recommend the guys at Bauer for their flexible approach and commitment to going above and beyond for their clients

Anndeep Binning – Senior Marketing Executive