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64% of Bauer listeners plan to spend money visiting attractions and cultural places (theatre, concerts, theme parks, etc.)

That’s 11.6 Million listeners.

We can provide you with the platform to reach out and promote your services to a huge local audience.

Why video?

As a visual medium, video communicates information in a way that’s easy to understand and remember.  In a world where people are subjected to so much information this is vitally important.

Also, your target audience are much more likely to engage with video than other types of content.

That’s why 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

By creating high-quality videos, you can promote your business, increase sales, and build customer trust.

Let us create a Bauer Talent endorsed video starring our presenters; featuring dramatic, laugh out loud moments that capture the attention of your potential customers! Our local talent will be the face of your video campaign, endorsing your business and encouraging our listeners to have a thrilling day out.

Why us?

Creating a video in house can be difficult if you don’t have the time or resources. Bauer Media has a team of experts who will guide you through this process.

Using our specialist knowledge and equipment, we can create the perfect video content for your business

We’re a team of video makers who specialise in covering the United Kingdom. We create online video content that’s tailored to our clients’ needs. Each team member has unique skills that we use to efficiently execute projects.

When we work together on larger projects, we integrate our strengths to deliver high-quality outcomes. This multifaceted approach makes us a reliable and versatile video production supplier.

Sources: TGI GB March 24. Listened in the last month
Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics 2024 

The UEFA Euro windfall 

With a summer of sport incoming, people are looking to prioritise their time and money on getting together with loved ones. Are you positioned for growth? Great advertising makes the difference. 

Getting together is a priority  

2.3 million Bauer listeners intend to invite friends/family over to watch the UEFA Euro on TV together.* This means party supplies, food, drink and electronics are on the shopping list to ensure an unforgettable experience. It’s not all about parties at home, many people like to get out and enjoy the atmosphere. Over 2 million of our listeners plan to watch the games in the pub, this makes them 25% more likely to do so than average.* 

Getting match fit! 

However they’re doing it, our audience is ready to spend. 5.6 million listeners agree they are excited about the UEFA Euro 2024*. The competition is a unique revenue-generating opportunity and we make it easy. Simply advertise with our iconic brands and tap into an audience already in the market for your products. 

Ensure the competition is a success for your business. 

*TGI GB 2024 March. Listened in last month 

It was another winning evening for Bauer Media Audio UK at last night’s prestigious ARIAS awards, the Audio & Radio Industry Awards (ARIAS) are the premiere awards scheme in the industry, recognising talent across the UK who excel at their craft and produce world-class work.  

We received 29 nominations across key categories: Best New Show, Best Local Show and Radio Times Moment of the Year. Our stations are built on unrivalled talent, creating outstanding content, offering a first-class advertising platform. 

Hits Radio West Yorkshire’s Mylo & Rosie took home Gold for Best Local Show. This was one of three Gold awards for Bauer Media Audio with Absolute Radio’s Tim’s Listening Party winning Best New Show and Forth 1’s Boogie in the Morning also taking home the top prize for Best Music Breakfast Show

In the only award voted for by the public, Radio Times Moment of the Year, Greatest Hits Radio’s Ken Bruce saw Silver for his first show for the station and Scala Radio’s Penny Smith was awarded Bronze in the Best Music Entertainment Show category. 

There was more success on the night for Mylo and Rosie who also picked up Silver for Best Music Breakfast Show with Boogie in the Morning picking up a second award thanks to a Bronze in the Best Local Show category. 

Bauer Media Audio UK received Silver and Bronze awards in the Best Coverage of an Event for Clyde 1: The First 50 Years and Metro Radio’s (now Hits Radio North East) Great North Run respectively. 

Clyde 1 rounded off their successful evening with a Bronze in The John Myers Station of the YearAward and elsewhere Absolute Radio picked up Silver for Best Station Sound

Here is the full list of Bauer Media Audio UK winners: 

BEST NEW SHOW: Tim’s Listening Party, Absolute Radio 

BEST LOCAL SHOW: Pulse 1 Breakfast with Mylo & Rosie 

BEST MUSIC BREAKFAST SHOW: Boogie in the Morning, Forth 1 

BEST COVERAGE OF AN EVENT: Clyde 1: The First 50 Years, Clyde 1 

BEST MUSIC BREAKFAST SHOW: Pulse 1 Breakfast with Mylo and Rosie 


RADIO TIMES MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Ken Bruce joins Greatest Hits Radio 




BEST COVERAGE OF AN EVENT: The Great North Run, Metro Radio 

BEST LOCAL SHOW: Boogie in the Morning, Forth 1 

A summer of major sporting events isn’t all positive. Unfortunately, these events bring a range of negative side effects that impact vulnerable people and our communities. It’s absolutely critical awareness is raised and help is available for all that need it. Advertising is the cornerstone of this.  

Aggravating Issues 

Gambling, binge drinking, drugs and abuse, it isn’t easy to take the shine off sports celebrations, however, education and support reduce harm. Unfortunately, reports of domestic violence in the UK surge during football competitions. Estimates vary, but this rise in reports has been found to be somewhere between 25%–50%.*   

Understanding the objective 

You don’t need us to educate you on the increasing risks that come with major sporting events. What you need is the assurance your message is heard by the masses and makes an impact. Audio offers you the power to speak directly to people and make that emotional connection. Your work is key, don’t leave anything to chance. 

Uncompromising Scale 

We reach 23.3 million adults every week with the UK’s most influential brand network. ‡ Our brands range from local favourites to national influencers. Outside of radio, we offer a full range of creative marketing services. Digital audio, web design, video production or brand creation, we have all the tools necessary to get this important message out there.  

Security in our scale 


‡ RAJAR Q4 2023 

Sustainable Growth     

The latest research shows plenty of positives for the car market as the pressures of supply, Brexit, COVID and the fallout all ease. It’s a clear opportunity to accelerate your business’s growth and make up for lost time.  

Changing Behaviour 

Estimates show 10.5m cars on the road in 2023 were 12 years old or older, this is equivalent to almost 30% of the UK’s total car parc and continues to grow steadily.* Unfortunately, this indicates people are holding onto their cars longer and buying less frequently. It’s critical your advertising moves people and gets them out of their old cars and into a shiny new model. 

Strike While The Iron Is Hot 

After a difficult period for the car market during and immediately after the pandemic, the car sector’s short and medium-term prospects are positive. Demand for both new and used cars is set to strengthen this year with notable growth in the new car market as the impact of recent pressures facing buyers recede. If the frequency of buying is down, the key is pushing your sales while the market is on the up.  

A Perfect Match 

Radio advertising and the motor industry; it just makes sense. There isn’t a better way to advertise to your customers than when they’re in their cars. Show them what they’re missing and why their old model just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Don’t let opportunity pass you by 


Advertising That Just Works 

Advertising is complex, the range of platforms and approaches can leave many businesses going in with good intentions but failing to achieve results. We have the scale, impact and diversity of brands to suit any business. With an average ROI of £7.70 for every £1 spent, radio is the smart choice for growth.* 

Precision Targeting 

Digital Audio is the next step in radio advertising technology. We can construct affordable, geographically targeted campaigns on some of the biggest and most influential audio brands in the UK. The latest insights show we have 1.3 million listeners already expecting to make major home improvements this year.†  We have plenty of potential customers waiting.  

Strategic Marketing Solutions  

Effective marketing is key to navigating the complexities of the home improvement market in the face of high interest rates and inflation. You need the right partner to ensure you get the messaging just right. Our work has enabled many of the UK’s top brands to connect with consumers and deliver real impact for their businesses.  

We make advertising work better for businesses 

*Radio ROI Dataset – Radiocentre 
†TGI GB 2023 September. Listened in last month

We Are Bauer Media 

Whether it be audio on one of our influential audio brands, a digital campaign or industry-leading video production, we write the stories that take businesses to new heights. We’re everywhere you need to be. A creative powerhouse that inspires others and enriches everyday life – we create the marketing that moves.  

Check out some of the best bits: 

View our Case Studies

It’s not often that you get the best of both worlds, but this April Bauer will offer just that as we transition our brilliant local stations into the renowned Hits Radio brand. National reach with a local feel? Check. Big-name presenters alongside local talent you already know and love? Check.

In the rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, the way people tune into radio is changing and we’re evolving with it. We know that listeners love the talent and music they find on Hits Radio. They love the realness, the connection, the throwbacks and the hits. This is exactly why we’re continually investing in growing the Hits Radio Portfolio.

Being part of this incredible brand opens up a new world of opportunity for advertisers, providing access to exciting live events with huge music acts, and shows from today’s biggest presenters alongside our much-loved local hosts.

To celebrate we’ll be launching an extensive nationwide marketing campaign – you’re going to be seeing Hits Radio everywhere! Audience growth not only unlocks a larger customer base, but also fosters deeper engagement with the station (and its advertisers) thanks to that killer combination of national reach with a local community connection.

Join us on our journey and let’s grow together. We’re taking local radio to the next level, offering you the best commercial opportunities available. Deeper engagement with listeners and their communities, combined with national scale and local trust – Hits Radio offers you the best of both worlds.

  • Hallam FM becomes Hits Radio South Yorkshire
  • Metro Radio becomes Hits Radio North East
  • Radio City becomes Hits Radio Liverpool
  • Rock FM becomes Hits Radio Lancashire
  • Pulse becomes Hits Radio West Yorkshire
  • Signal becomes Hits Radio Staffordshire & Cheshire
  • TFM becomes Hits Radio Teesside
  • Viking FM becomes Hits Radio East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire
  • Gem Radio becomes Hits Radio East Midlands
  • Pirate FM* becomes Hits Radio Cornwall *on digital only
  • Lincs FM becomes Hits Radio Lincs
  • Wave Swansea becomes Hits Radio South Wales
  • Free Radio Birmingham becomes Hits Radio Birmingham
  • Free Radio Coventry & Warwickshire becomes Hits Radio Coventry & Warwickshire
  • Free Radio Hereford & Worcester becomes Hits Radio Hereford & Worcester
  • Free Radio Black Country & Shropshire becomes Hits Radio Black Country & Shropshire

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The “competitive socialising” industry is cementing itself as a major player within the leisure market. Sustained demand for innovative ways to socialise has led to the continuous emergence of escape rooms, mini golf and more across the country. This isn’t the latest fad, the industry has seen both rapid growth and rapid demand for a number of years, all while traditional socialising spots struggle.  

Challenging Tradition 

Bars and nightclubs are traditionally socialising hotspots, particularly for younger generations. However, there has been a notable shift within the market with COVID accelerating this. In February this year, we saw Rekom (the UK’s largest nightclub operator) going into administration, citing lower student spending and the cost of living as a major factor. This may not be the full story; with research showing 33% of 18-24 year olds also saying they are teetotal.* 

Where are the customers going? 

31% of the UK’s nightclubs have closed since COVID.† This starkly contrasts the latest figures from the competitive socialising industry. 64% of 18-24 year olds have played a social entertainment game in the past month.* The number of competitive socialising venues has risen 38% since 2018.* It’s clear the industry is here to stay and for those businesses already active, it’s a gold rush. Do you have a clear growth plan in place? 

Maximising growth or time to pivot? 

Whether you’re a growing business in the competitive socialising space or a more traditional socialising business, there is an opportunity for both. Between 2018 and 2023 there has been a 455% growth in combo attractions. ‡ Late-night bars and nightclubs can adapt and combat the tide of falling visitors by reinventing themselves as places to eat, drink and compete against others. Existing competitive socialising businesses must ensure their share of voice matches up to their aspirations. There are a lot of businesses clamouring for space, so don’t miss out. 

Travel Industry – Our Latest Consumer Insights

Our understanding of our audience and the wider population is fundamental to our success. We created our commercial insight & research team to ensure we always have a handle on the thoughts and narratives shaping consumer behaviour. Utilising these insights helps our clients better understand their consumers and achieve the best possible results from our work together.

We’ve recently shone a spotlight on travel to explore how consumers are travelling for leisure, and how this has changed over the last two years. Let’s break down some of our key findings, along with the thoughts of leading industry figures.

Top Priorities

The COVID pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis have been a near-fatal few years for the travel industry. From consumers being forcibly stopped going ahead with travel plans, to economic pressures holding people back once again, it’s been a tough time for the industry. Despite these challenges, it looks like things could be set to return to pre-COVID normality this year.

Our latest insights show travel remains a priority: 77% of people say they plan to go on holiday (+2% since 2022). 63% say holidays will be a high priority (+6% since 2022). The appetite is clearly still there and with living cost constrictions loosening, it’s a sure recipe for success. Our insights further reaffirm this with 27% saying holiday plans will not be affected by the rising cost of living.

What The Leading Figures Are Saying

In our last travel industry outlook back in December, Q3 reports were awash with a similar sentiment. IAG, TUI and Booking Holdings all indicated a robust comeback from COVID-19 challenges. IAG went as far as setting its sights on 2024 being a significant step in a return to pre-COVID levels of capacity.

Since this report, we’ve seen the release of annual statements from all these major industry figures. Highlights include IAG showing full-year profits of 3.5 billion Euros. This represents an operating margin of 11.9%, strongly ahead of last year and close to pre-COVID levels. TUI saw similar success with 19 million customers travelling in 2023, a 13% increase on 2022.

Worries Still Remain

Whilst there are a wealth of positives to take from last year and many more on the horizon, the media and the minds of your consumers haven’t completely shifted yet. When we surveyed the main factors deterring consumers from booking holidays, a quarter said worries about the cost of living increases ahead is the main factor in this.

Things are getting easier, but not for everyone and it’s critical businesses are mindful of this in their marketing strategy.

Loyalty: a benefit or challenge?

Our research highlighted loyalty as a key theme amongst travellers this year. Many are ready to spend and itching to get away, however, the pressure of ensuring their investment on an unforgettable holiday means people are reluctant to experiment.

The reasoning behind consumer loyalty is even more enlightening. Top 3 reasons for returning to a brand: Value for money (75%), previous experience (63%) and customer service (62%). These three pillars should all form the central part of your strategy this year and highlighting this within your marketing will go even further.


2024 is undoubtedly a year of enormous opportunity. The stage is set for a triumphant return to pre-COVID success. Keeping your ear to the ground and close to consumers is fundamental to getting the messaging right. Understanding what they’re looking for from a brand and exemplifying this clearly and publicly will aid in the battle against competitor loyalty. It’s also important to have a clear perspective of the whole picture; many families are still struggling and will continue to do so. Engaging these demographics sensitively and augmenting your offering will allow you to cater to the whole mass market and drive your revenue as far as possible this year.

IAG Annual Report 2023
Tui Annual Report 2023
Bauer Insiders Spotlight on Travel
Rajar Q4 2023

Having a clear understanding of the economic picture across the UK is fundamental in driving your business toward continued growth. We’ve compiled some of the key data and analysis to give you complete clarity on the present and future of the economy.

Let’s delve into the key indicators and forecasts shaping the UK economy in 2024.

Inflation and Household Finances

The latest data and analysis show largely positive indicators for the future of personal spending. EY consumer insights report that extreme concerns around finances are falling as consumers begin to invest in treats, experiences and non-essential items.

A similar marker is found in a shift back to brands from private label products, as price differentials shrink. According to Kantar, the UK has experienced a notable downturn in grocery inflation, marking its lowest level since February 2022. This all culminates in an overall, vastly improved mood from consumers. Despite many positives, according to Kantar, 23% of UK households continue to face financial struggles, highlighting persistent economic disparities.

Our latest insights show the majority of our listeners are finding life difficult on their present income. 76% say they spend money more carefully than they used to and a striking 258,000 listeners expect to experience redundancy from work in the next 12 months. It’s clear that whilst the medium-term outlook is positive, the general public has yet to see or feel the uplift and continues to struggle.

Policy Stagnation and Cautious Optimism

It’s been a tough few years for people of all backgrounds. When we look at historical data, we find the Bank of England has maintained its policy rate since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. This is over four years without a decline in interest rates. Despite marginal contractions in the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the third and fourth quarters of 2023, the overall economic impact has not triggered significant reactions in currency markets or altered expectations for monetary policy.

Recent deliberations within the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee have revealed divergent opinions regarding future rate adjustments. While a majority opted to leave the key rate unchanged at 5.25%, discussions have opened the possibility of rate cuts in 2024 if inflationary pressures ease. Future market traders have added weight to this prediction with Reuters reporting a 55% chance of rate cuts in June.

Consumer Sentiment and Labour Dynamics

Insights from EY’s Future Consumer Index (FCI) suggest a shift in consumer behaviour, with increasing confidence and a willingness to invest in discretionary items. This trend coincides with a gradual easing of the squeeze on living standards, offering glimmers of hope for a broader economic recovery.

However, underlying challenges persist, as evidenced by a record number of working-age individuals classified as long-term sick or disabled. Addressing these structural issues remains critical to fostering inclusive economic growth and resilience.


In conclusion, while the UK economy navigates uncertainties and structural transformations, early indicators of recovery and evolving consumer sentiments hint at a gradual rebound. Yet, the path forward requires a delicate balance of policy interventions, investment strategies, and social support mechanisms to ensure sustainable economic progress.

It appears that the rest of the year will offer more opportunities for growth than previously expected. Despite this, to expect an avalanche of business would be naïve. It seems more likely we’ll see a slight loosening of purse strings as major shifts such as a decline in the baseline interest rate and dropping inflation leave consumers feeling at least a little, unexpectedly comfortable.

Focusing on casting your net and optimising the top of your sales funnel should be central to your strategy. Investing in strategic marketing projects now will pay dividends in months to come. What remains true is neglecting the essential groundwork needed to engage fresh customers now will leave businesses playing catch up when purse strings loosen. This will leave those unfortunate businesses watching their competitors clean up in a few months time, whilst they’re busy scrambling to simply start conversations.

It’s down to you to decide now which path you take. Are you focused on gaining maximum returns from the economy’s return to health? Or are you ok to roll the dice and leave it to chance?


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We understand how difficult it is to get quality time with potential customers. Getting their attention is difficult enough, with print ads, social media, display ads and more. There are so many platforms, but is covering them all really making an impact?

An All-Encompassing Experience

Imagine what you could do with a direct line to your customers; the freedom to properly promote your business. Think of the creative possibilities and real impact you could have. Radio gives you that platform. We reach into people’s lives, connecting with them in different places and moments, following them through their days. When your ad plays everything stops, you can’t scroll past, you don’t need to be right there to see it. It fills the space and tells your story.

Ad-avoidance is critical

What good is an advertisement if no one pays attention to it? An incredible video production bursting into their living rooms doesn’t mean much if they’re making a cup of tea in the other room. Along with cinema, radio has the lowest ad avoidance score of any medium.* In a café, at the gym, in the car or at home; wherever and whenever, radio’s never far.

If you’re spending the money, make sure you’re getting the results

Advertising is complex, the range of platforms and approaches can leave many businesses going in with good intentions but failing to achieve results. We have the scale, impact and diversity of brands to suit any business of any size. We make advertising work better for businesses. The data is clear; radio delivers an average ROI of £7.70 for every £1 spent. †

Massive potential, unmatched reach and security – Radio just works.

*Clark Chapman Research
†Radio ROI Dataset – Radiocentre