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The UEFA Euro windfall 

With a summer of sport incoming, people are looking to prioritise their time and money on getting together with loved ones. Are you positioned for growth? Great advertising makes the difference. 

Getting together is a priority  

2.3 million Bauer listeners intend to invite friends/family over to watch the UEFA Euro on TV together.* This means party supplies, food, drink and electronics are on the shopping list to ensure an unforgettable experience. It’s not all about parties at home, many people like to get out and enjoy the atmosphere. Over 2 million of our listeners plan to watch the games in the pub, this makes them 25% more likely to do so than average.* 

Getting match fit! 

However they’re doing it, our audience is ready to spend. 5.6 million listeners agree they are excited about the UEFA Euro 2024*. The competition is a unique revenue-generating opportunity and we make it easy. Simply advertise with our iconic brands and tap into an audience already in the market for your products. 

Ensure the competition is a success for your business. 

*TGI GB 2024 March. Listened in last month 

Romance pays

We don’t have to tell you about the lucrative opportunities Valentine’s Day offers. We’re here to give you the shortcut to success and ensure a saturated market doesn’t squash your revenue this year.

Safety in scale

Our audio brands reach 23.5 million people every week, covering people of all demographics, ages, interests, and locations. Your social media might not be up to scratch, your website a little slow on traffic, and print ads not resonating like they once did. With audio, you can take centre stage and speak to the masses, supercharging your growth this Valentine’s.

A Solid Investment

Using radio delivers you the highest profit ROI, and grows your market share 4x faster than businesses that don’t. We’re all about audio and digital, so whether you’re looking to be heard or wanting to be seen, we can get you your share of the limelight.

Don’t settle for second best this Valentine’s

*RAJAR Q3 2023
†Ebiquity ROI campaign database

It’s been so long since we’ve spoken, I think it’s time we reconnected.
Things are difficult right now, but I know we’re stronger together.
I want you to know, things have changed:

  • 21.6 million people listen to us every week
  • 10.1 million to the Hits network alone
  • We’re also the market leader in digital audio, with over three quarters of our audience listening digitally

This Valentine’s Day let’s grow together and embrace your 2023 goals.

Women make up over half the UK population, making them one of the most powerful audiences available. However, accessing different demographics can be challenging; reaching the right people, and engaging them are all advertising hurdles to overcome.
Over 10 million women listen to Bauer stations every week.* That’s 10 million potential customers you could be reaching.

Our female audience listen to Bauer stations on average of almost 9 hours a week. ‡ This gives you the opportunity to develop trust in your brand in a way that only audio can, as radio continues to be the most trustworthy media channel.

Sources: *10 million women 15+ – All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations
† RAJAR Q4 2022
‡ All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations