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Quick off the blocks

It’s well established the first couple of months of the year are a peak period for recruitment. Job postings in January 2023 saw a 32% increase on the 2022 average. If you’re not first you’re last in recruitment and the competition is stiff. Being present and visible goes a long way in edging ahead of your competitors.

The perfect candidate

Almost 90% of the population listens to radio every week and with the power of audio, you can narrow down your demographic to only target the people you want. Unmatched scale, coupled with unrivaled targeting. Reach your ideal target and cut down on admin and wasted ad spend.

Gaining their trust from the start

It’s not just ears we can offer; radio maintains its place as the most trustworthy medium. Harness this head start on the job market and be first in line for the top candidates. Advertising is obligatory, producing impact is a choice.

Audio offers a difference. Get a step ahead.

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‡ Radio continues to be the most trusted medium in Europe – Radiocentre

To attract the right candidates for your recruitment needs, you need to reach them on an emotional level. Spark their interest & then generate desire for the roles you have on offer.

Radio invokes emotion, like no other medium. It is personal, it can be felt, and it influences people *

Radio recruitment is one of the best ways to speak to undiscovered candidates without fighting for the spotlight.

Radio reaches up to 89% of the UK population every week † With an emotive recruitment message from Bauer, we can help you unlock thousands of potential new recruits and those in employment who may be persuaded to change careers.

Stay ahead of your competition with the best employees & in turn tackle the demands of revenge travel.

Together We Create Impact

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†Source: Rajar Q1 August 2022