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The UEFA Euro windfall 

With a summer of sport incoming, people are looking to prioritise their time and money on getting together with loved ones. Are you positioned for growth? Great advertising makes the difference. 

Getting together is a priority  

2.3 million Bauer listeners intend to invite friends/family over to watch the UEFA Euro on TV together.* This means party supplies, food, drink and electronics are on the shopping list to ensure an unforgettable experience. It’s not all about parties at home, many people like to get out and enjoy the atmosphere. Over 2 million of our listeners plan to watch the games in the pub, this makes them 25% more likely to do so than average.* 

Getting match fit! 

However they’re doing it, our audience is ready to spend. 5.6 million listeners agree they are excited about the UEFA Euro 2024*. The competition is a unique revenue-generating opportunity and we make it easy. Simply advertise with our iconic brands and tap into an audience already in the market for your products. 

Ensure the competition is a success for your business. 

*TGI GB 2024 March. Listened in last month 

Sustainable Growth     

The latest research shows plenty of positives for the car market as the pressures of supply, Brexit, COVID and the fallout all ease. It’s a clear opportunity to accelerate your business’s growth and make up for lost time.  

Changing Behaviour 

Estimates show 10.5m cars on the road in 2023 were 12 years old or older, this is equivalent to almost 30% of the UK’s total car parc and continues to grow steadily.* Unfortunately, this indicates people are holding onto their cars longer and buying less frequently. It’s critical your advertising moves people and gets them out of their old cars and into a shiny new model. 

Strike While The Iron Is Hot 

After a difficult period for the car market during and immediately after the pandemic, the car sector’s short and medium-term prospects are positive. Demand for both new and used cars is set to strengthen this year with notable growth in the new car market as the impact of recent pressures facing buyers recede. If the frequency of buying is down, the key is pushing your sales while the market is on the up.  

A Perfect Match 

Radio advertising and the motor industry; it just makes sense. There isn’t a better way to advertise to your customers than when they’re in their cars. Show them what they’re missing and why their old model just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Don’t let opportunity pass you by 


Right now, buyers are smothered by choice. Giant corporations can dominate the conversation. This can leave local dealers like you fighting to be heard. You’ve got something they don’t, a personal touch offering support and advice to buyers, rather than hours spent scrolling.

Absolute Precision

Digital audio offers sophisticated targeting options, allowing you to define the audience you want to reach. Don’t waste your budget on the wrong audience. Speak to the right people, at the right time, in the locations that matter to you.

Tried And Tested

Some of our motor clients have achieved over 100% more click-throughs than Google search ads and over 800% more than Facebook advertising. Don’t settle for makeshift quick fixes, drive your business forward with industry-leading marketing.

Your Secret Weapon

Online retailers and marketplaces may dominate the industry, but your brand’s personality sets you apart. Communicating this to your customers is key. What better way than to speak to them directly with audio advertising? Highlight your business with us and get an edge on your competition.

*Wordstream – Google AdWords industry benchmarks (Motor industry specific) – HPL Motors Digital Audio Campaign 2023

It’s increasingly evident that setting up digital marketing effectively is critical for sustained success. As each year passes, we become more and more absorbed by technology, and it’s become a case of getting on board or being left behind.

Reach and Visibility: Expanding Your Digital Footprint

In today’s world, people turn to the internet for information and solutions. An effective digital marketing strategy ensures that your brand is not only present, but prominently positioned in the digital space. By leveraging social media, search engines, and digital advertising, you can significantly enhance your reach, engaging with a wider audience and increasing brand visibility.

Measurable ROI: Insuring Investment

One of the significant advantages of digital marketing is the ability to measure and analyse performance in real-time. Through analytics tools we can track the effectiveness of your campaigns, identifying what works and what needs adjustment. This data-driven approach empowers us to optimize your investment, allocating resources to strategies that yield the highest return on investment (ROI) and adapting quickly to changing market dynamics.

Time For A Health Check?

A new year brings with it a wealth of possibilities. What sort of year will it be for your business? Let’s look at your strategy together and see exactly what’s needed to get you up to speed. Website refresh? Social media support? Digital advertising uplift? Whatever your circumstances are, our business is built with yours in mind. Don’t struggle alone, lean on the experts!

Quick off the blocks

It’s well established the first couple of months of the year are a peak period for recruitment. Job postings in January 2023 saw a 32% increase on the 2022 average. If you’re not first you’re last in recruitment and the competition is stiff. Being present and visible goes a long way in edging ahead of your competitors.

The perfect candidate

Almost 90% of the population listens to radio every week and with the power of audio, you can narrow down your demographic to only target the people you want. Unmatched scale, coupled with unrivaled targeting. Reach your ideal target and cut down on admin and wasted ad spend.

Gaining their trust from the start

It’s not just ears we can offer; radio maintains its place as the most trustworthy medium. Harness this head start on the job market and be first in line for the top candidates. Advertising is obligatory, producing impact is a choice.

Audio offers a difference. Get a step ahead.

*January 2023 Recruitment Trends Report | WaveTrackR
†The UK Communications Market: Radio and Audio (
‡ Radio continues to be the most trusted medium in Europe – Radiocentre

Romance pays

We don’t have to tell you about the lucrative opportunities Valentine’s Day offers. We’re here to give you the shortcut to success and ensure a saturated market doesn’t squash your revenue this year.

Safety in scale

Our audio brands reach 23.5 million people every week, covering people of all demographics, ages, interests, and locations. Your social media might not be up to scratch, your website a little slow on traffic, and print ads not resonating like they once did. With audio, you can take centre stage and speak to the masses, supercharging your growth this Valentine’s.

A Solid Investment

Using radio delivers you the highest profit ROI, and grows your market share 4x faster than businesses that don’t. We’re all about audio and digital, so whether you’re looking to be heard or wanting to be seen, we can get you your share of the limelight.

Don’t settle for second best this Valentine’s

*RAJAR Q3 2023
†Ebiquity ROI campaign database

It’s been so long since we’ve spoken, I think it’s time we reconnected.
Things are difficult right now, but I know we’re stronger together.
I want you to know, things have changed:

  • 21.6 million people listen to us every week
  • 10.1 million to the Hits network alone
  • We’re also the market leader in digital audio, with over three quarters of our audience listening digitally

This Valentine’s Day let’s grow together and embrace your 2023 goals.



People check in for trusted travel & traffic updates, weather forecasts, sports & local news. Tuning in & turning up the volume to stay informed & adapt their plans.

For example, 79% will turn up the volume on their radio during traffic and travel bulletins *


Sponsored messages on radio are highly beneficial for brands who are looking to turn up their brand awareness, build trust and gain new customers.

Up your brand recognition now.

Together We Create Impact

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GTN & Radiocentre Travel and Traffic Research by Clark and Chapman – Traffic and travel in a connected world

To attract the right candidates for your recruitment needs, you need to reach them on an emotional level. Spark their interest & then generate desire for the roles you have on offer.

Radio invokes emotion, like no other medium. It is personal, it can be felt, and it influences people *

Radio recruitment is one of the best ways to speak to undiscovered candidates without fighting for the spotlight.

Radio reaches up to 89% of the UK population every week † With an emotive recruitment message from Bauer, we can help you unlock thousands of potential new recruits and those in employment who may be persuaded to change careers.

Stay ahead of your competition with the best employees & in turn tackle the demands of revenge travel.

Together We Create Impact

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*Source: EBU Trust Barometer
†Source: Rajar Q1 August 2022

People resonate and relate with what they hear on radio on an emotional level.

Radio messages are personal, they give conviction and convey sensitivity, passion, and empathy.

Whether you are looking to influence foster parents to give their support, recruit for healthcare workers, or reach people that need your support, radio, like no other medium, emotionally drives actions.

With the sound of your brand on Bauer Media Audio, you can discover new audiences, create lasting impressions & build strong long-term connections.

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*Source: EBU Trust Barometer

In the backdrop of Brexit and trends in the economy, the government looks likely to continue pace in implementing policies that may result in changes to legislation as it seeks to drive economic growth through differentiating the UK from the EU.

What does this mean for UK businesses?

Likely changes include data privacy, internet regulation and an even bigger focus on ESG legislation. This is a minefield for businesses and legal support with be invaluable for SMEs adapting to a fluctuating regulatory environment.

There may be an influx of business on the horizon, but are you their first port of call? Ensure you’re a trusted voice, with the influence of audio.

Find out how we can help

Sources: Deloitte Legal predictions 2023 | Deloitte UK

Women make up over half the UK population, making them one of the most powerful audiences available. However, accessing different demographics can be challenging; reaching the right people, and engaging them are all advertising hurdles to overcome.
Over 10 million women listen to Bauer stations every week.* That’s 10 million potential customers you could be reaching.

Our female audience listen to Bauer stations on average of almost 9 hours a week. ‡ This gives you the opportunity to develop trust in your brand in a way that only audio can, as radio continues to be the most trustworthy media channel.

Sources: *10 million women 15+ – All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations
† RAJAR Q4 2022
‡ All Bauer Media Audio UK Stations