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Maldon Salt – Case Study

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About the client

Maldon Salt Company was established in 1882 in Maldon, Essex. It is a heritage salt-making business known for its artisanal methods and quality product. With a history spanning over 140 years, they are globally recognized for their distinctive pyramid salt flakes. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Maldon has been an inspiration to culinary enthusiasts and remains a leader in the gourmet salt industry.

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About the campaign

Maldon Salt set Bauer 3 core objectives:

  1. Increase brand awareness amongst both new and existing customers.
  2. Shift perceptions by promoting themselves as an accessible product for all.
  3. Promote their new product launch while increasing sales of Maldon salt grinder.

It was perfect timing – starting with an organic on-air conversation on Absolute Radio’s entertainment-led Hometime show with presenters, Bush and Richie (4-7pm) that evolved into a nationwide hunt to find the UK’s best chippy. The audience were hooked and messaged in overwhelming support to make this a reality. The key ingredient was to find a sponsor as the perfect accompaniment. Welcome – Maldon Salt. This unique campaign brought a new advertiser to radio that engaged with the Absolute Radio audience, resulting in huge success in increased sales and a delighted client – combining editorial & commercial perfectly; like fish and chips.

“Being a British family business since 1882, we glow with pride over traditions, so partnering with Absolute Radio on 'The Hometime Chip Shop Tour' was the perfect fit. With this campaign, we were able to communicate that you don’t have to be a cook or chef to enjoy Maldon salt. We are confident the campaign accelerated our growth by bringing new consumers into the brand in run up to a key “foodie” season. “

Steve Osborne, Managing Director, Maldon Salt

Success measures

campaign effect icon
54% said the campaign made them want to try or buy Maldon Salt
50% took some form of action as a result of the campaign
brand perception icon
34% shift in perception, say it changed how they felt about Maldon Salt
46% saying it made them feel it was a brand for them
+50% increased brand awareness

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