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Honda CRV Black Edition

About the campaign

The brief from the client was to promote the new Honda CRV Black Edition.

Higher-spec than the standard CRV, it features black leather upholstery, black trim, tinted windows and more.

Given that radio is audio-only, portraying the look of the car presented a challenge.

But sometimes the most difficult problems have the simplest solutions.

By asking the audience to ‘close their eyes’, we could help them experience the look of the car for themselves – in a way that was engaging, innovative, and fun.

Silence is actually the ‘loudest’ thing on the radio, as it is so rarely heard.

It grabs the attention and leaves the listener with only their thoughts and imagination.

We did this for an extended period of time, to heighten the experience.

This is in stark contrast to many ads that are overloaded with information, music, sound effects and more.

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